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Johnson Roofing recently took a big step into Web 2.0 with the help of YellowWebMonkey. The new home of Johnson Roofing, found at, fully represents a company that has grown successfully and gracefully from its establishment in 1941. Easily navigable for potential clients, some of the features of include,

  • Informative drop-down menus that are reiterated in eye-catching links for easy visibility
  • An RSS feed sharing relevant local news
  • A Johnson Roofing Twitter feed with daily doings including sponsored community events and job postings (Follow at JRoofing!)
  • For the potential clients: local weather and driving directions to local offices
  • Customized contact forms for instant e-mails, referrals, and job applications

While the website reflects Johnson Roofing’s rich history, it pushes the company into the future and still allows employees to make any and all changes simply and instantly—no fussing with web designers like us! Pages cross-reference each other in order to prevent clients from leaving the site with questions about whom Johnson Roofing is and what it is able to accomplish.

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