Social Community Monkey: The Basics

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Go to


Register on the site


Add all your social media accounts as well as your website URL.  You can choose Facebook, Google +, YouTube or Traffic Exchange(website url)



Submit your Twitter Account separately


Then start earning coins!  Go to the Earn Coins section top left.  You can Like of Facebook, Follow on Twitter, etc.  Keep clicking and refreshing until you have followed, viewed or liked all available links that day.  When you refresh, your coin count will go up based on the number of follows, likes or views that you have. 


Promoting the site is an easy way to earn more coins.  Choose Promote this site and then share your link on Facebook.  You receive coins for every unique user who clicks our Banner Link. 


SocialCommunityMonkey is a work in progress, to check back often.  We wil be constantly upgrading and changing it to make it even easier to use.

The goal:  as the SocialCommunityMonkey grows, so do your “Like”, “Follows” and “Views” on social media.  SocialCommunityMonkey is a great way to grow your social media.

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