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Setup an ad on Facebook Advertising

  • Open your business’ facebook page.
  • On the right side menu click “Promote with an Ad”


  • Make sure “Facebook Ads,” and “Facebook Ads for Pages” is selected.
  • In the “Body” Section, type the text for your advertisement.
  • Change image, if desired, and view preview of advertisement.
  • When everything is to your liking, press continue.


  • Choose the location in which you want your ad to be displayed, this can be city, state, specific zip codes, or everywhere.
  • Choose age and gender that you wish to target.
  • You may also pick specific interests, (i.e. a landscaping business may want to select, “Gardening”.)
  • Choose whether or not the advertisement is for current fans of your page, or not.


  • Choose your currency and your time zone.
  • Title your campaign under “Campaign Ads.”
  • Choose the amount of money you are willing to spend daily.
  • Review your ad, enterpayment information and complete.


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