Setting Up a Google Reader Account

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  • First, go to
  • On the top left toolbar under “More,” click “Reader.”


  • The next page should prompt you to sign into your Google account, do so, and if you do not have a Google Account, sign up for one at the top right of the screen.


  • When you log in you will see several toolbars. However, at this point you shouldn’t be subscribed to anything.
  • In the top left corner click “Add a Subscription.”
  • In the toolbar add something you would like to receive news about. (For this example I have searched for Time News as a subscription. Subscriptions range from news organizations, magazines, products you may like, to even news about specific businesses.)


  • You will find a list of news feeds that match what you searched for.
  • In our example, the top listing is an RSS feed from
  • To subscribe, click the ” + Subscribe” button.


  • If you go back to your Google Reader Homepage, you will see that the latest news from your subscription is now in the middle of the page.
  • Also, On the bottom left column, you will see a list of what you are subscribed to. This is useful if you want to find information from only one source you subscribed to, instead of updates from all of them.


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