Set Up Email for Outlook through iPower

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Configure Outlook as your Email Client to access your POP mailbox (automated)  created by iPower

  1. Log into MailCentral.
  2. Click on the Access link, available for all eligible pop mailboxes.
  3. Click Get Setup Registry File.
  4. An outlooksetup.reg file is downloaded to your desktop. Please save this file.
  5. Open or double-click the outlooksetup.reg file. A warning appears, notifying you that changes to your registry will occur if you proceed.
  6. Click OK on the warning dialog, indicating that you wish to proceed. A registry warning is displayed, asking if you wish these new items to be added to your registry.
  7. Click Yes. A dialog is displayed notifying you that the changes have been made.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Open Outlook. A dialog is displayed telling you that Outlook has detected a new account, and asking you if you wish to import it.
  10. Click Yes. A Network Password dialog is displayed. The dialog shows the POP account information, and asks you to enter your password.
    1. Server – IPOWER’s server is listed
    2. – the mailbox you are connecting to Outlook, such as
    3. Password – enter the mailbox password (the password of the mailbox you are connecting from your IPOWER account)
    4. Save Password – check this box so that Outlook can save your mailbox password
  11. Click OK.

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