Web Design and Services:  In the event that the client is not satisfied with the work provided, attempts will be made to rectify the problems.  Refunds will be available if YellowWebMonkey fails to provide the services agreed upon in the written estimate.  However, YellowWebMonkey is not liable for providing a refund in the event that the client changed their mind or requested additional services outside the agreed upon contract.

YellowWebMonkey does not accept returns of any services provided.

Workshops, Webinars or Training: In the event that the client notifies YWM that they cannot attend a workshop, webinar or training, there are no refunds.  See our cancellation policy for more details.  In the event that YellowWebMonkey must cancel a scheduled Workshop or Webinar, clients can receive complete refund in whatever manner they made payment or apply that payment to the next scheduled Workshop or Webinar.