Personalized vs. Automated Maintenance Plans



Just imagine…

You’re sitting in the car dealership one morning just moments away from driving your new ride off the lot. As you’re finalizing all of the purchasing options, the sales agent asks if you’d like to enroll in their automatic maintenance plan. “It’s only $5/month,” he says “and this app will let you know when you need to get your car fixed, when your fluid is running low, and when your car isn’t performing the way it should. It’s a great investment for the long-term life of your car,” he assures you.

“Only $5, huh?” you think to yourself. “Seems like a good deal if it’ll save me the hassle of driving around with a poor-performing vehicle.” You sign on the dotted line and drive away satisfied with your new purchase and the additional investment you’ve made to safeguard your new car.

A few weeks later, your phone dings and it tells you “Washer fluid at 80%”. You think to yourself, “Ok, that’s silly, but thanks for letting me know.”

The next week you get another message, “Your timing belt is running at 85%.”

“Hmmm..” you think, “I don’t even know what that means – is 85% good or bad?”

Then again, “Your A/C is performing at 87% and your coolant is ¾ full.”

The vague and random messages keep coming, and your mind begins to wonder – “Is this constant flow of information even helpful if I don’t know what to do with it? Are these messages warnings or simply data points?” Because you aren’t sure how to interpret the information on the app, you continue to drive around until one day it happens…

The engine shuts down, you’re forced to pull over, and you miss the important meeting you were running off to. The tow truck driver comes to get your car and tows it back to the dealership. Because you’ve signed up for the automated maintenance plan, your car goes to a different line. The longest line, in fact. There is no one to greet you or answer your questions. Just a simple sign that says “Every fix on the automated plan is $400”.

“Ugh,” you think. “Here I was trying to SAVE money by getting some type of automated service, when in reality, all I really needed was a personalized mechanic.”


Now imagine…

You’re back in the original scenario—you are getting ready to purchase your new ride. This time, the sales agent says, “For $75/month, we will cover EVERY SINGLE MAINTENANCE ISSUE for the life of your car. No matter how big, no matter how small. We will run every diagnostic, every test, and will forever be able to tell you what is wrong with your vehicle AND fix it for no extra charge. This even includes any damage if your car is ever in a CRASH! Furthermore, here is my own personal phone number. You can call me any time and I will be able to help you with your own personalized  car issues.”

At first, you might think that $75 is a lot, but once you start adding up all that is involved (new tires, oil changes, belt changes, body work, etc.) you decide that paying for peace of mind is a much better decision. Furthermore, you have a direct person to call. You know that your car will be up and running quickly so that you don’t miss any more meetings or sales pitches or deadlines. The vehicle that allows you access to your entire business world is in good hands and will be fixed in the blink of an eye—all because YOU chose to invest in a personalized preventative maintenance plan.

YellowWebMonkey is your personalized website mechanic. While other companies may offer a cheap fix option, any dirty work will require you to fork out hundreds of dollars to tackle the underlying issues. Your cheap montly investment might give you some data about your site, but won’t offer further explanations of what to DO with that information.

Not with us, my friend! Because our clients enroll in a monthly maintenance plan, we are constantly addressing all issues at their roots. That’s right, WE are constantly addressing these issues. YOU can sit back and focus on your business. This means you don’t even have to log in to the backend of your website to check for updates, WE do it all for you. By investing in this type of preventative maintenance, you guarantee that your website won’t crash or be hacked because YWM is monitoring your site day and night.

For example:

  • We proactively maintain your website to ensure an audit doesn’t come up red. But, if it does, we fix it for no extra charge.
  • If something doesn’t upgrade remotely, we do it for you! (This is nice for extensions that don’t automatically update.)
  • If your site breaks, we fix the issue or restore backup for you.  (Having automated backups does you no good if you don’t know what to do with them).
  • If your site is hacked, we fix it AND give you 6 months of maintenance FREE (This is our way of guaranteeing your site won’t be hacked!)
  • We run updates as they come out. (No need to log in every week just to ensure your extensions are updated.)
  • We are REAL PEOPLE. We take relationships extremely seriously—so much so that our clients stay with us for many years!

Many website managers find themselves scrambling when site issues arise because they don’t have anyone to call—this can often cost more money in the long run and, if you take the cheap way out, the service you receive will be less personal, more automated, and only provide a band-aid fix. When a maintenance plan is in place, you won’t lose out on clients because we will ensure it’s always properly functioning. Don’t wait for a problem, make a proactive action plan and invest in maintenance for your site today!


From now until October 15th, receive 20% of your first month of a personalized maintenance plan.
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