We get it sometimes you need something completed in a cycle that takes more time than you have in your plan.  We offer overages for that and here are the specifics you need to know ahout how our overages work.

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TIER 1: Joomla based updates -$90 per hour

This level accounts for 80% of requested work and is essentially anything that can be done within the Joomla interface and does not involve writing code.

  • Loading content (articles, events, files, images, etc)
  • Adding/Modifying forms
  • Adjusting website organization or menus
  • Add/changing modules (modules are blocks like slideshows, article lists, social media icons, etc)
  • Adding new functionality like slideshows, social media, etc

TIER 2 Custom Programming – $150 per hour

  • Manually re-styling/formatting the visual look of the website outside of the existing template
  • PHP coding, adding/editing functionality of template files-> PHP coding, adding/editing functionality of extensions and templates

{slider How do I know what tier my overages fall into?}

We know nobody likes surprise bills, so we will never perform overages (even if you have pre-approved them) without letting you know what tier you are falling into and an estimate of how many hours will be used.

{slider When are overages billed?}

You will recieve a seperate invoice for overages at the end of your maintenance cycle.  We can process the paymnet with the card on file or you can pay via the link that comes in the email QuickBooks sends you.

{slider Are overages guaranteed?}

Unfortuniately, no we can’t guarantee overages will get completed within any given cycle.  Our abilty to complete overage work depends on the overall work load in our queue at any given time.  We make every effort possibe to complete them, but the only way to ensure you get more time is to step up to the higher maintenance plan. Additionally, we want to reiterate that there may be times we are not available to do additional work outside of your contracted support hours. If you notify us in advance that you will require work that will exceed your allotted time, we can provide a specific time/cost estimate for that specific project rather than hourly work.


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