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Over the holidays, we made many improvements to our online tutorial section.  You can check it out at

There is nothing more frustrating that having a new, shiny website and having no idea how to use it.  That is why we consolidated all the tutorials in one place and have tried to make it more user friendly.  We still offer twice a month webinars to all past YellowWebMonkey clients that you can sign up at

Joomla Tutorials

Here are some of the new features of the tutorial section:

Tutorial Category Navigation:

The categories for the tutorials are on the left and that menu is constant throughout the knowledge base.  Categories that are part of core Joomla are on the top and tutorials for 3rd party extensions are listed below.

Quick Search:

Most likely you are looking for help for a specific problem.  Now the search block is prominent at the top.  It uses the core Joomla “Smart Search” to auto suggest topics.

List Modules:

The “Featured Tutorials” shows specific tutorials our staff thinks are important.  “Popular Tutorials” shows the topics with the most page views and “Most Recent” shows the newest by date.

Request Tutorial Button:

We know there are many tutorials still needed.  In the bottom left is a button to easily request a new tutorial.

Get Help Button:

You may just decide that you would prefer for us to take care of your issue.  The button in the bottom right allows you to submit a support ticket directly to us.  If you are on a current maintenance plan, we will take care of the issue immediately.  If not, we can send you more information about our plans or let you know what our estimated turnaround time is.

Joomla Version Coding:

j2.5-3Next to the title of each tutorial, we have an icon indicating which version of Joomla the tutorial applies to.  We are currently generating many new tutorials for Joomla 3.2 which is the newest version (and the one that all maintenance clients are on).


What else would you like to see in our tutorial section?  Leave comments to let us know how we can help you even better!

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