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Have you wanted to monetize your blog or website, but weren’t quite sure what products to offer and didn’t want to make a substantial investment upfront?

Maybe you’re running a non-profit and have considered selling some swag with your logo on it, but the thought of integrating a shop into your current website feels too overwhelming.

Can you imagine running an online shop where you don’t have any inventory to maintain? A shop that runs seamlessly from the moment a customer places an order to the moment it’s delivered to their door, but YOU don’t have to lift a finger to make it happen?

YellowWebMonkey has found the solution you’ve been waiting for!

By integrating two 3rd party sites, it is possible to set up an automated storefront on your website that will simply run on its own—no inventory, no shipping labels, no hassle!

Meet Printful and ShipStation! When combined, these two platforms give businesses freedom to DREAM BIG without taking any financial risks!

Here’s how it works:

  1.     You think of a promotional product you want to sell—t-shirt, hat, coffee mug, cell phone case, swimsuit (if you’re feeling beachy!), etc.—the options are endless!
  2.     Use Printful’s user-friendly website to upload your company’s logo or other design onto the product of your choosing. (It is completely FREE to set up a Printful account and create as many products as your heart desires!)
  3.     Follow Printful’s simple step-by-step integration process to get the store up and running on your site or let us do it for you!

While Printful has a shipment management system in place, businesses using multiple shipping carriers can also integrate ShipStation with Printful so that you never have to track another package. With competitively low monthly costs (starting at $9/month), ShipStation is your one-stop shipping solution that, when integrated with Printful, will fully handle ALL of your shipping needs.

The beauty of this integration is that it all happens behind the scenes. Your customer will simply spend time browsing YOUR website for products without understanding the magic that is happening on the backend. Customers will place orders from your site while Printful and Shipstation take care of the rest. Meanwhile, YOUR company will get all of the credit for the beautiful products and efficient shipping.  

I’m sure you’re wondering, but HOW do I actually GET the money? This process couldn’t be simpler. Printful integrates with many payment processors including Square, which is used by most online vendors. When a customer places an order from YOUR website, all of their information will be transferred to Printful and ShipStation, and you will get a notification from ShipStation immediately. All you have to do is simply approve their order with a click of a button and Printful will begin production. Once the transaction is approved, Square will send you the full amount of the purchase (minus a small, industry standard credit card transaction fee).

The beauty of Printful’s pricing structure is that ALL items are sold at a fixed cost to you. So, Printful will say a t-shirt costs $13 to make, and then YOU simply adjust your profit margin based on your company’s desires and list the t-shirt for, say, $20 on your site. The customer will pay $20 through Square and Printful will send YOU a bill for $13. So, what if you sell NOTHING? Well, you will lose NOTHING because Printful only prints On Demand! Or, better yet, what if you sell 10 of those shirts I just mentioned? That’s $70 in your pocket with no inventory, no staff, no overhead, no hassle, and NO RISK!

Sounds dreamy, right? Check out Printful and ShipStation to start monetizing your site! Or, if you already have a maintenance plan with us, we can set up a storefront using your maintenance time. Want to learn more about the importance of website maintenance? CLICK HERE. Or, if you don’t want to handle any of the dirty work on the backend, contact us today to get your risk-free storefront up and running! What are you waiting for?!

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