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Login to your website and select Mass Mail from the Tools drop down:


The Mass Mail screen allows Users who are members of the “Super Administrator” group to send an e-mail message to all Users who are members of a specific group.

  • Mail to Child Groups. Whether or not to send the E-mail to members of all child groups of the selected group. For example, if this box is checked and the group “Public Front-end” is selected, the e-mail would be sent to all members of the “Registered”, “Author”, “Editor” and “Publisher” groups.
  • Send in HTML mode. Whether or not to send the E-mail with headers that identify it as an HTML document. E-mailclients that support this will render any HTML codes.
  • Group. Select the group you want to send the E-mail to.
  • Recipients as BCC. Adds copy to site email. If checked, all recipients will be included as BCC entries, so none will see any of the other recipients’ E-mail addresses. Because many mail routers treat E-mail without a To: entry as spam, the site email will be used for the To: entry.
  • Subject Enter the Subject of the E-mail
  • Message. Enter the body of the E-mail


At the top right you will see the toolbar:


  • Send Mail Send the email and return to the main Mass Mail screen
  • Cancel. Go back to the main screen of the Manager, without saving the modifications you made.

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