JoomlaDay Texas 2019


It’s almost that time of year again! No, not Back-to-School season – it’s time to start gearing up for JoomlaDay Texas!


JoomlaDay Texas 2019 will be taking place in Austin this year on Sept 28th at the Microsoft Corporation. It’s a great opportunity to meet Joomla veterans who can share their knowledge, learn from a diverse group of speakers, participate in workshops, and even become Joomla certified. Attendees range from expert to fledgling Joomla users, and everyone can gain something from the event.


We are excited to announce that YellowWebMonkey will be sponsoring JoomlaDay Texas again this year as a Topaz sponsor. As a free and open-source Content Management System, Joomla is 100% volunteer-driven. At YellowWebMonkey, we take pride in supporting the Joomla community in any way we can. Being collaborative in nature is one element that makes the Joomla community so special.


Our very own Alexis Priddy and Tessa Snodgrass are both honored to be speakers for the event. Alexis’ speech is entitled, “Copy and Paste Coding – Powerful snippets for non-coders”. Tessa’s speech will be focused on customer service, communication, and how to best manage client expectations.


The majority of the YellowWebMonkey team will be present as well, and we’d love to see y’all! Swing by our booth to say “hello”.

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