Installing Joomla on IIS/Windows Server

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Plesk login screenInstalling Joomla on an IIS server can be a royal pain in the butt and I always recommend switching to a LINUX server whenever possible.  However, for those times that it isn’t, here are some steps to help you out.  

I will try to go back and grab some screenshots to improve the post, but here is the meat and potatoes for now:





From  PLESK account

Go to Control Panel->Websites & Domains



– Setup new user
– Use Akeeba Extract wizard to unzip JPA archive
– Manually upload all files to FTP (~8,000 to 15,000)



– Go to Websites & Domains-> Database. Add new database (mySQL/localhost)
– Create database user
– Open in WebAdmin
– Import in mySQL from old site



– Go to Domains and add new.
– Point to correct folder (usually /httpsdocs/)
– Set to PHP 5.3 Fast CGI
– On PHP tab, set display_errors, register_globals, magic_quotes, and safe_mode to OFF (will give error, just hit OK)



– Check Sys Info-> Folders and make sure GREEN
– Change directory permissions by going to:
Control panel –> websites & domains –> Advanced Options –> virtual directories
-Select folder and adjust permissions for IUSR user:
list folder contents

**NOTE: to change a folder like “libraries,” you may have to open one of its subfolders and change there.




– Make sure that open_base dir is OFF
– Make sure that session.save_path is correct
– Rename the web.config.txt to just web.config


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