Turn Text Links into Buttons

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  • First, open the article which you wish to format.
  • Highlight the text you wish to change by left clicking and dragging.
  • Then click the “Insert/Edit Link” button in the format bar.


  • A pop up will appear,  put in the link for the button (we used PayPal)  and select “Open in New Window” as the target.  This will open the PayPal link in a new window.


  • Select the Advanced Tab and put ONE of these into the classes line.

-RocletTheme Templates  “readon” (used for this tutorial)

-YooTheme Templates  “btn btn-primary”


  • Once you have inserted the correct word for your template select insert, your text will have changed from black to blue. 


  • At this point save your article to complete.

Check on the front end of your website for the changes.



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