How to attach a document to a discussion in JomSocial

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Step 1: Log into your website


Step 2: Navigate to the discussion board/group you want to post in


Step 3: Create a new discussion


Title the discussion for the name of the document you want to reference, i.e., “BEBE Group 1 FAQs”

In the body of the discussion type a message: ” Team, I have uploaded a document “blah, blah.” To access, log onto this discussion and see the document in the right sidebar.”


Step 4: Check the button that says “Allow Member to Upload File” and hit “Add Discussion”


Step 5: On the right sidebar, Click “Upload File” button:


Step 6: In the pop-up box, click “add file: and chose a file from your computer, then click “start upload”. When finished, close the popup box. It will take a second or two before you see the file on the right sidebar.

*Only upload PDF’s


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