How to Add a Blog Post (Beginner)

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blog beginner 1

  • Click “New” to create a new blog.

blog beginner 2

  • Select Item Type (Select “Author” if your blog is a biography of one of your training coaches. Select “Article” if it is an informational blog.)

blog beginner 3

1..Add a Name, this will be the title displayed to readers.

2.  Select the perameters for your blog (phblished, searchable, comments, frontpage).

3.  Select a category (must set up categories first to select them here)

blog beginner 4

4.  The “Teaser” section is a short blurb about your blog, usually an abstract of one sentence.

5. Teaser Image shows up on the frontpage with the teaser

blog beginner 5

6.  Author–of the blog

7 .The “Text” section is where you place the body of your blog.

8.  Video URL (if applicable)

blog beginner 6

9-13  Set these as you perfer

blog beginner 7

When finished, press save in the top right.

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