Finding the Ford Fiesta

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When the local Ford dealership organized a scavenger hunt to introduce the Ford Fiesta to the Waco market, the YellowWebMonkey Web Design team eagerly signed up.  Scavenger hunts are fun, there was a monetary incentive and it was a great opportunity to spend the afternoon in the Monkey Mobile.  We spent Sunday afternoon cruising around Waco gathering clues.  During the hunt the participants had the opportunity to munch nachos, canoe across the Brazos, snap a quick pick of the Sumatran tiger at Cameron Park Zoo, take a leisurely ride on the train at Lion’s Park and delve into the history of Joy and Lady the resident mascots at the Baylor Bear Pit.  Eventually, we even found the Ford Fiesta.

The Fiesta seats four comfortably and is equipped with the Microsoft Sync System for on board navigation and hands free phone service.Although we admired the sporty little Ford, we were much more comfortable in our bright yellow car wrapped in colorful monkeys, Twitter badges and even the American flag.  The Monkey Mobile seats five people with Smartphones or four members of the team armed with three Netbooks, one IPad, four Smartphones and our mobile 4G network.  Our team was prepared for anything.

Even though we didn’t win, we had plenty of fun, got lots of exercise and ended the afternoon sharing snow cones with all the competitors.  Thanks to Bird Kultgen Ford for organizing the hunt and congratulations to the winners, The Baylor Driving Club.

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