Exploring the Differences between WP.com and WP.org

Exploring .com vs. .org

Depending on your requirements, each of these tools has its pros and cons. Let YellowWebMonkey walk you through them to help you decide which will work best for you. Often people who are new to web design will use WordPress.com (WP.com) as a quick way to get started. WordPress.org (WP.org) however can offer a lot more options and flexibility to suit your needs. You will find our straightforward infographic at the bottom of the page helpful as a quick reference in making your choice.

1. Cost

WP.com offers both free and a graduated system of paid options. If you choose WP.org, the software is free, however you will have some recurring hosting and associated domain costs depending on who hosts your site.

2. Hosting

The use of WP.com includes hosting your website. WP.org on the other hand, requires that you find a host for your website.

3. Domain

When it comes to domain, the WP.com account can only have a custom domain within its paid plans option. WP.org however does allow for a custom domain name. 

4. Themes & Plugins

For accounts using the WP.com option you will have limited access to themes and plugins which can help your site better serve your purposes. It is only by using the paid plans that you will have the ability to use many of these features. WP.org in comparison gives you full access to install themes and plugins.

5. eCommerce

Finally, if your site will have any type of eCommerce you might consider that WP.com is only compatible with paid plans whereas, WP.org has full capabilities with eCommerce.

WordPress infographic

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