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Customizing Widgets in YOOtheme’s Widgetkit 2.x

Although YOOtheme’s documentation says to store customizations in Widgetkit 2.x:

Place your custom content provider in THEME-NAME/widgetkit/content/PROVIDER-NAME/
Place your custom widget plugin in THEME-NAME/widgetkit/widgets/WIDGETPLUGIN-NAME/


It does not explain WHERE to get the original files to modify.  In Widgetkit 1.5.x, they were in:



However, I just figured out that in Widgetkit 2.x, they are in:



As an example, to customize the GRID widgetkit, you would get


and place it into 



However, if not on a YOOtheme template, you have to overwrite the actual file in



I verified with YOOtheme that you cannot do Widgetkit template overrides in non-Warp templates.


Hope that helps someone out.

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