To do this, we optimized their landing page to have a distinct call to action in a prominent position “above the fold,” as well as proving one in a consistent location on all pages. The contact page was re-designed into an online form for usability and the content was re-written to emphasis the messages that 1) they could complete the online form with no obligation, 2) Phone number was prominent for those wishing that avenues, and 3) encouraged viewers to visit their location or attend their free community workouts.

Since the site launch they have received almost 100 membership submissions at an average of 10 per month. The number of submissions is increasing monthly with a contact to commitment rate of 30% Many contacts result in multiple memberships (ie wife/husband). The average monthly membership cost is $150 with a variant of +/- $50.

An new initiative is developing an online repository for original content appealing specifically to those familiar with the Crossfit concept. We identified very distinctive keywords relating to exercises and practices within that community. Organic search results for specific Crossfit exercises are not very accurate giving opportunity to rank on first page. Although the national Crossfit website has an extensive page on the types of exercises, almost all are in multimedia format so not readily accessible to search engine spiders. The new content repository consists of step by step instructions with a high keyword density that should both improve their organic ranking as well as emphasize their message of being both knowledgeable about Crossfit and focusing on educating/helping their members.