How to Create a Specific Customer Email Group in Shopify

Create Email Group in Shopify Blog Picture

Step 1: Click “Customers” on the left side menu.

Customer drop down menu

Step 2: Use Customer Segment editor to create a segment by applying a filter or using a template to target a specific customer base.

Picture of customer segment editor


Picture of how to filter


Step 3: Once you’ve chosen your filter or template, follow the prompts in the segment editor to complete the segment formula and click “Save segment” button.

Customer Segment
Customer Segment

Step 4: Select your saved segment in the top dropdown menu.

customer segment

Once you choose your preferred customer segment, click “Use Segment” button in the toplight corner.

customer segment screenshot
Then select “send email” to use the segment in Shopify email
How to choose preferred customer segment

Step 5: Once you click on “Send email,” the Shopify email app will open, allowing you to choose an email template. Once you choose the template, the email will show up for editing with your selected customer segment in the “To” block.

To create a customer segment with tags, choose Customer Tags filter and fill in the formula with the desired tag.

To tag customers, you can individually click on customer profiles and add tags

Picture of how to create tags

You can also choose multiple customers and add tags in a bulk editor.

List of customers
List of customers

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