Battle of the Interns. YellowWebMonkey Needs you to Read, Learn and Vote!

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This summer at YellowWebMonkey we have set up a little friendly competition between our two new interns and we need your help! Take this opportunity to not just join in the fun….learn how to create a unique blog in a variety of writing styles.

Our new interns, Brett Wiggins and Scout Riggs, are not just learning about websites, web marketing and sales….they are learning how to write the ideal blog. Over the next few weeks they will write a series of unique blogs covering a number of blog styles including: personal profiles, critiques, reviews, research, utilizing lists and more.

If you would like to write a better blog but are out of ideas and inspiration then tune in while our interns hone their writing skills and share new ideas and styles.

Here is how it works:

  • Both Brett and Scout will post a new blog each week. Each blog will cover a new, unique blog style.
  • You be the judge. Look at each blog critically considering content and writing style.
  • Watch for our Facebook Updates on each new blog release or check out our website.
  • Vote! Once you read their blog, then Like or Tweet their blog to give them a vote (Like and Tweet buttons are included at the bottom of each blog)
  • The intern with the most likes and Tweets will win

The first prize in our competition….a gift from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory located at Richland Mall in Waco. We are quite fond of their Gourmet apples….my favorite is Caramel/Peanut. Of course, the German Chocolate Fudge is really special!

Take this opportunity to critque and encourage Brett and Scott and learn about effective blogging in the process.

Read the first set of blogs written in the style of a personal profile and then vote. Encourage our interns and help them learn the art of blogging….perhaps you will learn a little about blogging too!

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