Adding Attributes to a Product in Tienda

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1. Login to your website
2. Choose Tienda
3. From Tienda Dashboard  choose Catalog


4. Click on the Product


5.  Click Set Attributes


6. A new window opens
7. Type in the Attribute.  Attributes are global ie: size, color, texture, scent, or flavor.  Our Attribute is Shirt Color
8. Click Create Attribute


9. The Attribute is displayed below
10.Click Save All Changes

11.Click Apply
12.View the Attribute, Shirt Color
13.Then Click Set Attribute Options


14.  A New Screen Opens
15.  Type the Attribute Option in the top box
16.  We are not changing the price for these Attribute Options
17.  Choose Create Option
18.  The Attribute Options are displayed below
19.  Choose Save All Changes


20. Next let’s create a Gold Anniversary Monkey that is a higher price
21. Type the description in the top box.
22. Click the Prefix drop down box and choose +
23. In the Price box type 5.00.  This Gold Anniversary Monkey is $5.00 higher than the others
24. Choose Create Option


25. All the Attribute Options are now saved below
26. The Gold Anniversary Monkey is $5.00 more
27. Choose Save All Changes


28. Click Apply again.


29. See your Attribute Options Listed
30. Click Save to Save your Attribute Options to your Product


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