Adding and/or changing Images in Widgetkit Slideshow/Gallery (WK2)

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1.Go to Components>>Widgetkit



2. Select New 

 wk2 slideshow 1

3. Set up your slideshow

  1. Fron the dropdown select custom or Joomla depending on your needs
  2. Select Slideshow
  3. Click Create

 wk2 slideshow 2


4. Add a title to slideshow 

 wk2 slideshow 4


5. Select the folder or files you want to add to your slideshow you want the slideshow by clicking the “Select” button under Media

 wk2 slideshow 5



6. Ensure the checkoxes are selected for the images you want in your slideshow and click Select

 wk2 slideshow 6

7. Select Add Item to add more images 

wk2 slideshow 7

8. Follow steps 5-6 for each image.  As you sucessfully add them they will list on this sidebar

wk2 slideshow 8


Alter the settings of the overall slideshow by clicking the “Settings” button

 wk2 slideshow 9






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