Adding a Product to Tienda

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Login into your website and choose Tienda from the Components dropdown.  From the Dashboard choose Catalog


You are in the Products Section now.  Choose the green button, New


Type in the Product Name
Do not type in the Alias
To the right, enter the model number and SKU, if you have them
Next, you can choose a Manufacturer if you have uploaded them
Product Attributes: (See our tutorial for Adding Product Attributes)    You may not have attributes to add. 
Check Yes if your product requires shipping
To the right you can add measurements
Below you can add a Long Description
Next you can add a Short Description


Next, top right, you can choose beginning and ending dates of sale (if there is a specific sale time)
 Next, choose a Category.  Ours is Monkeys
Below you can upload an image from your computer
 Click Save


You have added a product to Tienda.  Next learn about pricing products.


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