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You must have something to assign to the menu so if you must create the article, form, etc first then add the menu item.

  1. Go to Menus
  2. Select that you want to add the item to
  3. Select “New”

add menu item 1

  1. Name the Menu (this will show up on your menu bar)
  2. Select the meny type (I will be pointing this menu to an article)
  3. Set if it will be a root menu or a sub menu (in this example it is a sub menu item under home)

add menu item 2

  1. Click “Select” #2 from the last step
  2. Choose Articles
  3. Click Single Article

add menu item 3

Choose “Select” on the “Select Article” line

add menu item 4

Select the article from your list of articles

add menu item 5

Save and Close


  1. This is a root menu item
  2. This is the new sub menu that was added (notice the dash before the menu item title and that it is below the root item it was assigned to)

add menu item 6








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