8 Strategies for Dealing with Business Uncertainty


During times of uncertainty, business owners are undoubtedly concerned about the potential impact on their business. In order to deal with any business uncertainties that can suddenly crop up, you need to ensure your business strategy and transformation.

We’ve put together a list of ideas to help maintain customer and client relationships during this time and offset potential consequences.

1. Inform customers about how you’ll be conducting business and if there are any changes to your current business hours or operations.

  • Send a newsletter and send email updates as they occur.
  • Put up a sign on your physical location
  • Post on social media regularly
  • Be clear about return and refund policies or how you’ll handle cancellations or postponed events or when you’ll send updates. This is how Airbnb.com is handling it. 
  • Create a CTA (call-to-action) like airbnb.com or banner on your site. Here‘s an example of how a comminuty college is keeping students informed with a banner and landing page

2. Update Google My Business if you are listed there 

3. Make sure you have payment options that are available for clients to use. 

  • In your newsletter, email or social media post explain how this time may be particularly hard for your business.. Ask customers to consider prepaying for services they will use in the future.
  • Offer gift card or gift certificate options for purchase online. 
  • gift cardIf you do not have ability to take credit cards online, sign up for Square where it is easy to get a hosted page. 
  • Setup a Venmo account. 
    • You can tell people to send you money to @username
  • Setup a PayPal account

4. Consider alternate methods of serving clients.

  • How you may be able to deliver goods/services to clients
  • How you may offer takeout/ car door services.
    • For example, my vet allows for you to come at your appointment time, park and call them, and they have a tech come out to your car and get your animal. Then they bring your pet back and get your credit card.


5. If you have implemented new cleaning procedures, share what they are. cleaning

  • Post signs in the windows about your business’ cleaning schedule
  • Take a picture of an employee smiling while holding cleaning supplies or a posting a video on social media of employees cleaning and sanitizing. 

6. Does your business solve a problem or offer a solution for those impacted by coronavirus?

  • Consider pay-per-click campaigns (Google Ads, social media ads), web graphics, infographics, social media graphics, and a landing page to get the information out
  • Create an explainer video to show how you can solve the problem
  • Write a blog post about how the solution can benefit others

7. Maintain your SEO (Search Enginer Optimization)

  • To maintain your site rankings and SEO, have someone routinely checking and updating SEO to monitor your visibility and Google rankings for any changes.

8. Reasearch relief options for business owners

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