12 Days of Holiday Promotions to Start Now


Already starting to feel behind on your holiday checklist? While I can’t help you check Aunt Wilma’s gift off your shopping list (today), Yellow Web Monkey can help streamline your web marketing and promotions with our one-stop shop. Having a web agency instead of solely a web design or marketing firm benefits your business because we cross-level our work to simplify your to-do list and save you time and money (to go out and get Aunt Wilma’s gift).

Here are 12 ideas for marketing promotions that will help get the ball rolling on that to-do list before Black Friday.

1. Holiday Themed Landing Pages. Our web team can assist in creating landing pages that highlight your holiday gift bundles, gift packages, discounts, donation requests, etc. with the goal of driving conversion actions. Create a landing page for ad campaigns, newsletters and other promotions you are running this holiday season.

Holiday Landing Page Sample

2. Holiday-themed images for social media. See that image at the top? We can create them quickly and include your branding images and colors. The images are made to fit the dimensions of the social media platform and purpose (post, banner, profile, etc.). Use a combination of custom images for blogs, branding, and messaging to catch the attention of your followers. We recommend at least 2 per week as part of your posting strategy.

If you don’t have the correct open graph image size, your graphic won’t show properly when your link is shared. Incorrect image size will share like this:  

bad example of open graph image

Correct image sizes will share like this: 

Example of good open graph sharing link photo

Sometimes the issue might be scaling. Improper scaling can look like this:

unscaled facebook post

Proper image adjustment will show your entire photo. 

scaked facebook post

3. Google Ads Campaigns. Let us get those holiday ads started now. We’ll research the keywords you need to show up in Google searches and help create ad images with a holiday feel. Use a combination of display, search, shopping and video ads to maximize your reach.

Display ads:

google ads

Search Ads:

google search ads example

4. Remarketing Campaigns in Google Ads or Facebook. Now is a great time for a remarketing campaign. Remarketing is used to show ads to those who’ve been to your website to browse or who have use your app. Visitors are 70% more likely to convert with remarketing ads.

5. Facebook post boosts with custom images. Use Facebook boost as a simplified way to advertise right from your Facebook page to get more people to react, share and comment. You can also expand your targeting with a boost post to get more followers. You can use any popular post and set your own budget, but we suggest customizing an image in idea #2.

facebook analytics

Photo Credit: https://neilapatel.com

6. Weekly Newsletters (or more frequently, and Yellow Web Monkey can do a custom package) Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to get conversions in the digital marketing mix. Let us help you set up a newsletter format and content recommendations to maximize your marketing potential this holiday season. Do you have a signup link on your newsletter? If not, let us add one today so you can start collecting customer emails. 

7. Update your banner images on Facebook and LinkedIn. Have you updated your Facebook banner lately? This is often the first impression visitors see of your brand. You want to ensure the image is clear and properly represents your branding. Facebook banners should be 851 x 315 pixels. Not sure if yours is? Have you checked the mobile display and load time lately? We can check it out for you. Consider adding a holiday banner with a message of appreciation to your followers.

facebook holiday banner

8. Instagram Images & Stories. Add a holiday background to customize images and highlight gift products. Group products into gift baskets and sets. Use your stories to promote your links for donations, newsletter sign-ups, and landing pages.

9. Contests/ Promotions/ Giveaways. The holiday season is a great time to run a photo contest, promotion or giveaway and increase your social presence at the same time. Encourage followers to post, comment, react and share to participate in the promotion.

10. Social Media Posting: Increase your posting schedule to build your audience and relationships. People tend to spend more time on social media around the holidays and it’s a great time to build your following.

11. Holiday videos. Send holiday greetings via a short video. Let your customers see the people behind the scenes and express your gratitude. We can also create custom explainer videos for your website like these from Toonly. 

{source}<div class=”responsive_wrapper”>
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12. Free gift or printable. Offer a promotion for those who make a donation or buy a gift certificate. Get a free ornament or printable gift tags that are customized with your branding when someone makes a donation or purchases a gift certificate or gift card.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for holiday spirit, send our team a message today at support@yellowwebmonkey.com

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