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Website Refresher Class (Joomla!)

Do you need a little refresher on how to manage your Joomla! website? Have you forgotten how to add links to articles? Not sure how to add that image to your site? Join us online for a quick course covering all the Joomla! basics.

This class, offered monthly will help you manage all the basic functions of your website. The class will include:

  • Adding Articles to your Website
  • Uploading Images to your Media Manager
  • Uploading PDFs to your site and linking them in an Article
  • Adding Images to an Article
  • Hiding Articles
  • Adding Internal and External Links to your Articles
  • Understanding EasyBlog
  • Adding Testimonials
  • Working with JEvents Calendar

This class is an ideal way to train new employees how to manage your site or just to help you manage your site more effectively.
Sign up online. This class is free for clients of YellowWebMonkey.
Next Class; Tuesday, May 24, 2:00pm
Need an evening class? Email and we will set one up.

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