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Verde Renovations: New Business and a New Website

Their is a new business and soon a new website in central Texas. Verde Renovations, a premium residential/commercial insulation company, will bring HomesulateTM foam insulating system to our area.

startermonkeyHomesulateTM a fire retardent foam, offers not just increased energy savings, but also excellent sound proofing for your home or business. The owners, Josh and Rob, bring their extensive experience from their successful construction business, JoCo Builders, to this new venture.

Any new business needs a new website, and Verde Renovations has chosen a LittleWebMonkey Site by YellowWebMonkey Web Design. This 5 page site includes a blog to showcase Verde's expertise in the insulation market and an easy to use contact form for potential customers. Look for the FAQ's about HomesulateTM as well as a video to show the benefits of this environmentally friendly insulationn system.

Watch for this new LittleWebMonkeysite to launch soon.....