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So Could You Give Us A Shout Out?

Nearly everyone has heard the old adage, a happy customer tells an average of 3 people when they've had a great customer experience with a company, a product or service. In the web world this proves even more true and the reach much wider since we are all extra social creatures these days, with our blogging, tweeting, pinning and liking. So if you've had a great experience working with YellowWebMonkey Web Design we would love if you can share that with the world - okay, maybe not the world (we'll take care of that part) but if you can share it with us so WE can share it with the world we'd love it!

amazon gift cardAnd to show just how much we appreciate your taking the time to tell us about your experience with YellowWebMonkey Web Design, everyone who submits a testimonial will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 gift certificate! The deadline to be entered into the drawing is December 23rd so go ahead and click here to give us a shout out and enter to win!

Written by Nicole Hill, Posted in Marketing

About the Author

Nicole Hill

Nicole Hill

Nicole started in web design when she saw a really ugly website that someone challenged her to design better. 15 years later she still loves working with anything that has to do with design. From websites to logos to print pieces she enjoys the challenge of bringing ideas to life. Her favorite hobby is cooking and creating gourmet meals for her husband and children.