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Web Design

.htaccess Validator

Online validator for a .htaccess file

Copy Characters

Easy way to retrieve special characters for webpages

CSS Button Maker

Quick and easy way to make a button on CSS.

CSS Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet on backgrounds, borders, fonts, texts, columns, colors, grid positioning, new CSS3 tags/divs,and more

Flush DNS

Steps on how to flush DNS on PC or MAC

IP Address Tools

IP address tools, such as IP lookup, IP address locator, reverse IP lookup and showing your IP address.

IP Blocks by Country

Generates .htaccess to allow or deny users based upon the country their IP address is in.

Javascript Compressor

Compress and obfuscate Javascript code online completely free using this compressor.

Match SSL Certificate Parts

Check whether a private key matches a certificate or whether a certificate matches a certificate signing request (CSR).

Modify Text - Sort My List

You can sort or clean your list in a variety of ways

NameCheap SSL Certificates

Sells GeoTrust and other big name SSL certificates for more affordable rates.