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Make Opencart/Mijoshop Success Message More Noticeable

We use Mijoshop on quite a few client sites.  While I love how extendable it is, I HATE how after adding an item to cart, it only adds a bootstrap alert message that is not very noticeable on it.  Here is a solution that is only CSS to animated it and make the links pop a bit more:

The code for this is:

#mijoshop .alert.alert-success {animation-duration: 2.5s;animation-name: slidein;animation-iteration-count: 1;}

.alert-success a, .alert-success a:hover, .alert-success .alert-link, .alert-success .alert-link:hover {color: #356635;font-weight: bold;}

@keyframes slidein {from {margin-left:100%;width:300%}to {margin-left:0%;width:100%;}}


* Animation adapted from

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