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Upcoming Joomla Privacy Tool Suite

Joomla 3.9 com_privacyJoomla 3.9 is slotted to contain the new Privacy Tool Suite.  It looks like it will be a great set of tools that will give Joomla a great advantage over other content management systems.



The following Links will get you started using the new Privacy Tool Suite included with Joomla 3.9:


  • Consent Project Board:
    • get consent of registered users (form plugin)
    • track consent of registered users 
    • log their activities
    • take care about the consent retention time
  • Information Requests Project Board 
    Facilitate your workflow related to your user requests:
    • make it easier to the users to submit information requests
    • track the status of the users requests
    • let the user access and download their data.
  • Core API Project Board
    Provide an API for extension developers so they can report the data they collect and this info can be displayed in the new com_privacy extension  


Right now it looks like the documentation, etc is still in the works.  This post is currently just a repository of links related to this new framework.  Later I will update about what it can do and how to set it up.


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JoomlaShack write up


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