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Fix Breadcrumbs Markup on Joomla site

Fix Breadcrumbs Markup on Joomla site

You may have noticed that Google Search Console recently added a New Structured Data Report for Breadcrumbs in order to allow users to evaluate whether their breadcrumb markup has been implemented correctly.


You also may have noticed that your site has errors showing in this report. The default Joomla breadcrumbs do not put a link on the last breadcrumb, and that is causing the validation issue. The dilemma is that you do not want a link that simply goes to itself or that confuses users.


The solution is to go to template code and make an override for mod_breadcrumbs

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Error message - Empty Solution Not Allowed When Editing Frontend Content

Error message - Empty Solution Not Allowed When Editing Frontend Content

A bug can occur in Joomla when Google recaptcha is being loaded in multiple places on a site. The error message "Empty Solution Not Allowed,” most commonly occurs when trying to edit content through frontend editing. The error shows after hitting the SAVE button. The easiest solution is to simply disable the recaptcha feature from frontend editing.

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Mijoshop shows gibberish on mobile

Mijoshop shows gibberish on mobile

Recently had a shopping cart we manage show gibberish looking code only on mobile.  This is obviously not reassuring to customers and does bring up the concern of a possible hack. 

The problem was harder to troubleshoot because the behavior wouldn't replicate on a browser emulator which made it harder to find the error.  However, to save someone else the time, the problem was that the output compression level in the store setting needs to be changed to 0.

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Fixing open_basedir in Joomla

Many security tools and blogs suggest setting the open_basedir in the php.ini file.  The open_basedir directive "Limits the files that can be accessed by PHP to the specified directory-tree, including the file itself. ... When the file is outside the specified directory-tree, PHP will refuse to access it." *


However, it can often trigger the error:

JFolder::create: Path not in open_basedir paths


In order to solve this, you have three options:

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