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Fix Out of Date PHP

Fix Out of Date PHP

More and more extensions are requiring PHP 5.3.  If you are getting warnings, there are two main ways of switching your website over to PHP 5.3

Using .htaccess

Towards the top of your .htaccess, add:

# Use PHP 5.3AddType application/x-httpd-php53.php


Change in Control Panel of Hosting

Look for "CGI and Scripted Language Support"

Then go to "PHP Scripting"

Set "Select Default PHP Version" to PHP 5.3

Written by: Alexis Priddy Categories: Server Settings


How to Build a Joomla Site on Network Solutions (if you must)

Overall, my suggestion would be to never bother with Network Solutions because there are too many other good hosting companies (see my post on Hosting Companies). However, if you find a situation where you absolutely HAVE to, then this is what I finally figured out. This is after finishing a project my company lost money doing because of the many, many extra hours dealing with Network Solutions....

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