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Welcome to the new Cotton Palace

This premier bed and breakfast in Waco now has a new website. Cotton Palace, located at 1910 Austin Avenue is know for having well-appointed rooms and gracious service. This new website was designed to showcase the beauty of this historic home.

cpportThis site includes a number of features to highlight this charming 7 room bed and breakfast.

  • Easy to manage/update content management system (CMS)
  • Integrated blog
  • Online Reservation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Local attractions featuring mapping, images and links
  • Rotating Photo Gallery
  • Large photo galleries included for each room
  • Trip Advisor Ranking
  • Trip Advisor Rating
  • Randomized Testimonials
  • Contact Page

Visit this new site: The Cotton Palace

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A New Website for The Advocacy Center, Winner of our Non-Profits on the Net Contest

Last fall we launched our Non-Profits on the Net contest to find a central Texas organization that would benefit from a new website. The Advocacy Center, a non-profit serving children and adult victims of violent crime and abuse were awarded the new site.

advportThe Advocacy Center is constantly searching for new and better ways to serve our community, and with this new website they will be introducing their newest program covering preventative education. This new program combined with the three original programs CASA, The Victims Center and The Children's Advocacy Center, makes this a comprehensive center for victims of violent crime and abuse in our area.

As with all of the sites we design, The Advocacy Center site will be easy for the staff to manage and update, allowing them to keep their site current and relevant.



This new website includes:

  • Extensive information on all four Advocacy Programs
  • A blog giving each program the opportunity to share
  • Integrated social media for each program
  • Video Presentation
  • Donate Now button to give supporters the opportunity to donate conveniently online
  • Secure online payments through PayPal
  • Advertise With Us Module so local business can advertise and support the center
  • Bilingual Section
  • Events Calendar
  • Easy to Update Quick Facts Section
  • Online Applications and Online printable brochure
  • Secure online contact form

Visit this new site and learn how Advocacy makes a difference in our community and considering supporting them in their mission. It has been a privilege to work with this wonderful local organization.

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Central Texas Proud-A New Website for CTBA

Barbecue is serious business in Texas and the Central Texas Barbecue Association has a new website to showcase their organization and upcoming events throughout the area.


Central Texas Barbecue Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting barbecue: barbecue cooking, barbecue Cook Offs, barbecue eating...well, all things barbecue and they believe in having fun while doing it. This new website showcases information about their organization, membership, judging, upcoming events and photos of past competitions.

This LittleWebMonkey site includes:

  • Easy to update articles and images
  • Photo Gallery
  • Convenient Contact Page
  • Integrated Social Media
  • Blog

As with all of our sites, this site was designed so the client can easily make changes and updates, always keeping the site current.

Check out Central Texas Barbecue Association....Central Texas Proud

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YellowWebMonkey Web Design Creates a Canvas for 555 Collective

" the 555 Collective is a nonprofit arts organization that gives scholarships and grants to victims of violent crime. in this process we might suggest that art reclaims the soul"

All artists need a canvas, and 555 Collective has one.

555port This new organization in Waco features upcoming artists, musicians and writers on this creative new website. With this content management site, the owner can create and re-create the 555 Collective daily. Our easy to update LittleWebMonkey site is an ideal way to exhibit your more creative side.

This 5 page LittleWebMonkey site includes integrated social media, contact page, donate button option as well as an RSS feed.

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LoneStar Windshield and Glass Chooses a LittleWebMonkey Site

Lonestar Windshield and Glass, of Hewitt is your one stop shop for all glass repair and replacement needs! Their new, LittleWebMonkey site outlines the experience and service this local company has to offer.

lswportTheir new, 5 page site opens with a Get a Quote form, making it easy for potential customers to contact and learn more. The integrated blog makes it easy for the owner to share his expertise in glass repair and replacement and the contact page and integrated Social Media make it easy to stay in touch. As always, this CMS site is easy for the owner to update and keep current. Visit Lonestar Windshield and Glass and learn more about this local business.

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Verde Renovations, the New Choice for Home Insulation in Central Texas

Verde Renovations has a new website to introduce their new home insulation business in central Texas.

verdeportHomesulateTM a fire retardent foam, offers not just increased energy savings, but also excellent sound proofing for your home or business. The owners, Josh and Rob, bring their extensive experience from their successful construction business, JoCo Builders, to this new venture. Any new business needs a new website, and Verde Renovations has chosen a LittleWebMonkey Site by YellowWebMonkey Web Design.  This 5 page site includes  a blog to showcase Verde's expertise in the insulation market and an easy to use contact form for potential customers.  Look for the FAQ's about HomesulateTM as well as a video to show the benefits of this environmentally friendly insulationn system.  This CMS site is designed so the owner can manage and update the site easily.
Visit Verde Renovations and learn more about insulation and see our newest LittleWebMonkey Site.

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Paul J. Meyer Resources Launches a New Website

Paul J. Meyer Resources, based in Waco, TX has just launched a new eCommerce site offering a variety of products for goal setting, self-motivation and paving the way to personal success

pjmport This site, designed by YellowWebMonkey, iincludes a slideshow featuring photographs as well as some of Paul J. Meyer's most famous quotes. The easy to use shopping cart has in depth descriptions of books, CDs, DVDs, as well as Audio downloads. The shopping cart has easy to use, secure check out. The site also includes contact form, newsletter sign up and Tell a Friend. All of our CMS websites, even eCommerce sites are designed to be managed and updated easily by our clients. Visit today and learn about Paul J.Meyer, his life and work.

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Australian Company, Vengeance Streetwear gets a new look from YellowWebMonkey

Vengeance Streetwear really just wanted to make a few little changes, but eventually decided on a whole new look for their website.

vengportCreated in 2004, this Australia based company sells modern comfortable "streetwear". This eCommerce site showcases clothing and accessories for todays young urban man or woman. YellowWebMonkey added some new eCommerce features as well as a whole new look to the site. Check out the site....then check out the clothing.

"Nothing is more suitable than Vengeance-Get back at life!"

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Newest Website: Kleen Air Filter Sales and Service

Kleen-Air, located in Groesbeck, TX offers a full line of HVAC filtration products. They manufacture standard and custom made air filters for both residential, commercial and industrial applications.   They have added a new website, just in time for 2011.

kleenportKleen Air Filter Sales and Service, an expanded  LittleWebMonkey Site includes:

  • Logo
  • 5 pages with a variety of images
  • Easy to use Contact Page
  • Integrated Blog
  • Social Media ( they chose Twitter, Facebook and an RSS feed)
  • Online employment information and employment application

And as with all our sites, Kleen Air Filter Sales and Service can update content and change images so their site is always fresh and relevant.

The home office is still in the small rural town of Groesbeck, but company facilities have dramatically changed. There is now more than 22,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse, and office space. Also, Kleen-Air has added a service and warehouse facility in Houston, Texas.

Visit and see all that this Texas based company has to offer.

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LittleWebMonkey Site: Holtek Fireplace and Solar

Holtek Fireplace and Solar, a creative Waco based company just launched a new website this week.  Holtek, a company that works with hearths and solar products, helps customers create the look and functionality they want within their budget.  Now, they have a new website to showcase the products and services they offer.


This LittleWebMonkey Site includes:

5 pages that incorporate Holtek's info and images
A convenient contact page for clients
Easy to update blog page so Holtek can share their expertise

This CMS (content management system) site is easy for the people at Holtek to update, so they always offer current information on products and services.

Visit them at

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The Bug Doctor is In...the GGA Bug Doctor, That Is!

  ggaportYellowWebMonkey Web Design team launched a new website for Waco based GGA Pest Control services in October.    Fred Huffman, owner, brings more than 20 years of experience to his local business as well as an MS in Entomology from Texas A& M and a PhD from the University of Arkansas....hence The Bug Doctor! GGA's new, easy to navigate website will make it easy to see just what they have to offer

This site includes:

  • Easy to use interface, making it easy to navigate
  • Testimonial Database
  • Integrated Social Media making it easy to follow GGA on Facebook and Twitter
  • RSS feed offering updates on what is new at GGA
  • Extensive Pest Image Gallery
  • Video


Vist this new site:

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Mike Staas Services is Plumb Cool

Mike Staas Services is "plumb cool" and now they have a "cool" new website to match.  The company offers commercial and residential plumbing and HVAC services in the central Texas area.  The website includes information on the services Mike Staas offers and reflects the image  of a trusted family owned business.



The new site went live in September and includes several features that make it easy for customers to navigate as well as some "cool" extras.

  • Easy to use interface that makes it simple to learn what services they offer
  • Integrated Social Media with icons making it easy to connect along with a live Twitter feed
  • Browse "Ask Mike"  by category
  • "Ask Mike" also includes a feature to rate the best response
  • Easy to manage Video feature making it easy to showcase a recent commercial
  • Testimonial database
  • Features "Best of Waco" listing
  • Includes RSS feed so visitors can gain information and updates on Mike Staas Services

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New Look for BugsDotCom


 YellowWebMonkey just launched a new website for BugsDotCom, a Waco based pest control company that services all of central Texas.  The challenge was to create a website that was not just eye catching, but also interesting,educational and of course, easy for people to find.    The site contains all the information you would expect, plus a few extras.  It has an extensive library of all the products BugsDotCom uses stored in a nifty little file cabinet.  Another fun feature is the Bugapedia, where you can easily identify insects common to the central Texas area.  Did you know "Flies taste with their feet?" Probably not, but check out the Fun Facts that appear throughout the site to learn more about the insects common to Texas. This site includes:

  • Easy to use interface making it easy to schedule an appointment or learn what services they offer
  • Pest Gallery so clients can easily identify pests common to central Texas
  • Integrated with Social Media with large icons making it easy to connect along with a live Twitter feed
  • Downloadable MSDS label base for all of their products
  • Testimonial database
  • Features "Best of Waco"

Visit this new site

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Austin Music City Cranks it up a Notch

Keeping track of the hundreds of performers, gigs, and full-blown concerts that occur every month in the weird live music capital of the world is a difficult task. Austin Music City does even better; it tracks the best few out of the hundreds.

With CD reviews and blog entries and YouTube videos culled from the masses, Austin Music City keeps lovers of live music up to date on the new and eclectic.

A site with so much content needs a dynamic display to reflect the creative bent of the service it offers. Yellow Web Monkey recently set out to create just that. The new was unveiled with newsflashes that jumped off the screen with reader-grabbing headlines and links to full articles. The RSS feed summarizes the latest AMC articles that complement the bold slideshows Yellow Web Monkey added. One of the most useful new features is the interactive calendar that gives locals a quick update on the where and who and visitors a rundown of where they should be.

As Greg Roberts can testify, the results are tangible. See Greg's testimonial about his experience with YellowWebMonkey.

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Custom Site for Fast Lane Customs

YellowWebMonkey recently launched the newly renovated website for Fast Lane Customs. Fast Lane Customs is a local metal fabrication business that creates a wide range of commercial and residential products. The work of Fast Lane ranges from famous signs around Waco to the classic railings and artistic in locals’ homes.

YellowWebMonkey has taken what once was a simple Flash website and created a tool for generating business. The site, once hidden in endless pages of results, is more easily called up by search engines. Once consumers reach the site, its internal search makes it easier for them to locate pertinent information. The integrated twitter feed places the artists behind Fast Lane in constant contact with their clientele and potential customer base. The once simple portfolio of work has become a digital album of project highlights with captions and direct links to more information. Fast Lane Customs now has a website that can fully reflect the beautiful art they create and connect them with the consumers of taste that demand excellence.

YellowWebMonkey is based in Hewitt, TX and prides itself on staying on the cutting edge of cyberspace in order to keep visitors coming back for more. Their websites feature content management systems that allow businesses to make changes themselves instead of coming out of pocket for every update.

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