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Can you handle upgrading your site with the newest Joomla update?

If you have ever questioned if you can handle updating your Joomla version here is YellowWebMonkey's advice to you.

Should you ever decide do update anything ALWAYS...ALWAYS....ALWAYS run a backup FIRST.  This ensures that if something goes wrong you have something to use to restore your site.

There is a method to Joomla's release numbers

Whole number changes

  • i.e. 2.0 to 3.0
  • These are MAJOR so unless you are a developer is it worth your money to hire one.

Tenth changes

  • i.e 3.2.0 to 3.3.0
  • These are typically released to fix bugs in the system
  • If you have professional extensions (ie established extensions that have been around for years like Akeeba Backup, RSForms, Kunena, JCE Editor), you should be fine updating Joomla on your own. 
  • If you freebie extensions, you should be wary of upgrading Joomla yourself.  If you do, go to Manage Extensions and disable those extensions before upgrading.  Once upgraded, turn them back on one by one, so if there is a problem, you know which is causing the problem. 

Other changes

  • 2.5.0 to 2.5.1
  • These updates typically fix typos and other minor changes.  
  • These are the safest for the general user to update.


If you have any concerns always consult with a professionial developer before updating.  We offer same day estimates and have years of experience with Joomla as we choose to only work with Joomla sites to become experts.



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Check Out The All New YellowWebMonkey Web Design Site!


So check out the all new YellowWebMonkey website! We have had this thing under wraps for months, and while we still have a couple of tweaks to do here and there, we are sure you will love the new site just as much as we do! Take a look at all of the great features we have added to our new home page:


YWM new ss2


1) Easy Access to all of our main services, Website Packages, Monthly Maintenance, eCommerce, Emergency Jobs and Joomla Upgrades are all accessible from the main page. We wanted to make sure that you didn’t have to click through a bunch of links or menus in order to get to the heart of what we do.


2) One of our most visited sections is Tutorials. From Email and Hosting, Joomla Websites, Social Media and Ecommerce, you can now easily access our library of over 100 tutorials to help you learn the ins and outs of how to use and market your website.


3) Need to reach us? You don’t have to hunt for our contact information, it’s all right here on our home page.


4) Need support? Right here from the home page you can reach our live support agents and open up a trouble ticket.


5) We have really had the chance to work with a lot of cool companies and we’re proud to show them off here.


6) There is always something new going on when it comes to the web and we keep you in the loop by putting a link to our latest and greatest tutorials right here on the home page.

The rest of the site is full of the same easy to find features as the home page. We hope you'll browse through and check out the new re-vamped YellowWebMonkey Design website. We hope you like it as much as we do and that we’ve made it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.



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Learn How To Use That iPhone!

Did you get an iphone because it's the latest and greatest? But you haven't really figured out what all the hype is about? Sure you can watch movies and play some pretty cool games, but there is so much more you can do with it! Well you're in luck.  iPhone Dinosaur is here to help you out.


idino ss blog2

iPhone Dinosaur is made up of a team of web designers and electronic enthusiasts. After helping countless individuals understand how to operate their iPhone, the group designed the site in order to help anyone utilize the power of their iPhone.

 The site is chock full of tutorials to teach you exactly how to use that phone you paid so much money for. The tutorials are easy to follow along with and you can print them out, email them or share them on Facebook. Their tutorial categories include:

  • Settings
  • Apps
  • Calendar
  • Camera/Photos
  • Contacts
  • Email
  • Games
  • Internet
  • Maps
  • Music
  • Phone
  • Productivity
  • Social
  • Text messages
  • Video


Best of all if you don't see the tutorial covering the feautures you are looking for, click on the Request Tutorial link, and they can make one specifically for what you need!

In addition the site has a glossary section for common used terminology (you can even request new terms for them to add to this section as well) and links to some great Hard Copy Books that can help you out.

So if you felt you were stuck back in the Cretaceous period with the dinosuars, come on into the 21st century and let iphone Dinosaur show you how to use that phone!

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Got Pepper Spray is one of the newest projects to go live for YellowWebMonkey Design. YellowWebMonkey specializes in Joomla Content Management Systems which quickly and easily allow even a novice user to make changes to their own website. Built using the new Joomla 2.5 platform, easily allows customers to purchase self defense products, while providing a wealth of back-end tools for the site owner to manage the store via the Aceshop extension.

With such a large variety of products their store is organized into 8 main categories which customers can drill down through to locate the specific products they require. The fully integrated shopping cart system alllows the site owner to eaisly add additional products, product categories, update product inventory, stock levels, add coupons and run sales reports all from within the same interface.

The site also features an affiliate program, newsletter sign-up and integrated blog. Since Stun Gun and self defense product laws vary by state, we also included sections for specific purchasing laws by states so customers can see where the products are not allowed or restricted prior to purchasing. because these pages are completely integrated as well they can easily be updated by the store owner as well.

In addition the the website itself, YellowWebMonkey Design created their new logo and customized their Facebook page with their new branding.

So if you're in the market for a new shopping website contact YellowWebMonkey Design. Our web designers are knowledgeable about components such as K2, Zoo, SOBI, JomSocial, DT Register, Projectfork, and more.

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Winstar International gets re-designed!

Committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity call on Winstar International for all your branding needs.

Winstar came to YellowWebMonkey looking to not only revamp their site, but they needed a solution that would allow them to make updates themselves.

In today's ever changing market, keeping information, products and services on your website current is key to staying relevant and ahead of the competition. YellowWebMonkey specializes in Joomla Content Management Systems which quickly and easily allow even a novice user to make changes to their own website. Winstar's new site takes full advantage of this technology. Built in Joomla 1.7, they are able to login to an easy to use interface and make text changes, add items to their portfolio, create multiple slide shows and put together galleries to feature their products.

Old Winstar SiteTheir old site was built at a fixed width, meaning that regardless of what size monitor you are on, the dimensions of the site would be the same. While this was fine for the typical 19" monitors we all had back in the day, on today's larger scale monitors, viewers would see a very small site in the middle of their screens. This was a major drawback as it didn't take advantage of valuable screen real estate to feature their offerings. Small space also equals small type. Fonts were difficult to read and pictures were small so the overall site experience left room for improvement.

Visually they were also looking for a site that had a good initial impact, so that at first glance you know who they are and what they do. The original site didn't fully speak to the depth and breadth of products and services they offer.



The new site is bigger, bolder and more engaging - allowing them to capture visitor interest right from the home page. The top style navigation makes it simple for visitors to see their major offerings at a glance and easily navigate to the sections they want to visit.

We added a Testimonials feature to allow visitors to read about other client's experiences with them as well as a Latest News section where they can make special announcements.

An updateable FAQ section helps answer many of the questions clients have without them needing to pick up the phone and quick links to their social network also help make the new site more functional for their needs.

So If you're looking for custom printed products to leave your mark, visit Winstar International. T-shirts, pens, golf balls, corporate awards, water bottles, leather padfolios - the possibilities are endless. They can help you create high quality distinctive products that will keep your brand in front of your customers.

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Talbert Construction upgrades to Joomla 2.5!

Roofing, Remodeling and Restoration


Talbert Construction

Located in the Central Texas area, Talbert Construction offers expert roofing repair, home remodeling and emergency restoration. Whether it is roof repair, green roofing, or metal roofing, they listen to their customers needs and provide them with the highest quality products and services available.

YellowWebMonkey worked with Talbert Construction in creating their original site and we welcomed the opportunity to work with them again. At that time they opted for our LittleWebMonkey package that ran on Joomla 1.5. Looking for a fresh design and more management features they came back to us for a re-design and an upgrade to Joomla 2.5.

The new and improved Talbert Construction site easily allows visitors to see the services they feature and see examples of their work in their portfolio.


They are a Member of the National Roofing Contractor Association, Better Business Bureau, Waco and Hewitt Chamber of Commerce, and Business Networking Incorporated. They are also a Certainteed Shingle Master Company.

Their excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to their superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity.

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Historic Oakwood Cemetery has a New Website

Oakwood Cemetery, founded in 1878 has chosen YellowWebMonkey to design their new website.

oakwoodssThis Joomla site showcases all the services Oakwood offers as well as giving a glimpse of the beautiful grounds. Like all the sites we design, Oakwood Cemetery is a content management system making it easy for the staff to update and keep fresh and relevant.

This site includes:

  • Information About Oakwood as well as a listing of their services
  • Social Media Toolbar including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the RSS Feed
  • Director's Blog
  • Database Directory of related services in central Texas
  • Database of Testimonials
  • Photo Gallery
  • Front Page Slideshow
  • Easy to use Contact form with Auto Response
  • Database of FAQs making it easy for clients to find answers to their important questions

Visit to view our newest website release.

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Inn Connections LLC, Our Newest Custom Site is All About Keeping Innkeepers Connected

Inn Connections LLC, a company created by innkeepers for innkeepers has a new custom website designed by YellowWebMonkey. This site makes it easy for innkeepers to connect with information, vendors, resources and each other.

Like all of our sites, this Joomla site is easy to update and keep current. This site includes:icport2

  • Easy to update Joomla Content Management System
  • Social Media Toolbar including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Twitter feed
  • Blog
  • RSS Feed for valuable blogs on the hospitality industry
  • Database of Vendors including images and social media sharing
  • Log in for vendors to register and submit information
  • Database of Testimonials
  • Database of Tutorials and other educational materials
  • Database of industry associations
  • Social Network for innkeepers including events, profiles and unique groups
  • Inn Connections Newsletters
  • Several Custom Contact forms
  • Mobile Site perfect for all Smart phones
  • And much more....

Visit Inn Connections and see just one example of what YellowWebMonkey could create for your business or organization.

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Welcome Julie Diamond Ensembles of Charleston S.C. to our Website Portfolio

YellowWebMonkey has expanded to the south and added a little southern charm and hospitality to their portfolio with this new site designed with brides and event planners in mind.

jdeportJulie Diamond Ensembles offers premier professional wedding and event music in the "The Holy City". Charleston is one of the most popular spots for destination weddings in the U.S. and this new site makes it easy for busy wedding planners and brides to connect with Julie as they plan for their special day.

This custom designed website includes:

  • An extensive data base of music selections
  • Audio demos of their music displayed on the site
  • Photo gallery featuring the venues in the area
  • FAQs database
  • Slideshow showcasing the ensemble and local event space
  • Testimonials displayed in random rotation throughout the site
  • Custom Music Selection Sheet and Contact Form, making client contact fast and efficient
  • Social Media Toolbar including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Links section displaying suggested wedding resources

Finally, like all YellowWebMonkey sites, this Joomla CMS is easy for Julie to update, insuring that everything is fresh and relevant. Visit

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Harrell Group Real Estate Services Makes it Easy to Find Your New Home or Business in Central Texas

Welcome Harrell Group Real Estate Services, our newest website release. This site make it easy for you to find you new home or the perfect spot for your new business in central Texas.

harrellportnewHarrell Group Real Estate Services offers a wide variety of services from commercial and residential sales and leasing to dependable and reliable property management. Now they have a new website that covers all that Harrell offers and much more.

This site includes:

  • Joomla content management system making it easy for Harrell to update this site themselves
  • Extensive, easy to update/change database of residential and commercial properties for sale or lease including images
  • Search feature for commercial and residential properties
  • Ability to share a property through social media and email
  • Easy to find map of available property
  • Database of local resources, schools and recreational activities
  • Variety of FAQs sections covering rental info, owner info, consulting, appraisals and more
  • Printable list of available properties
  • Testimonial Database
  • A variety of Rental Application forms both online and printable .pdfs
  • Front page slideshow featuring local images
  • Newsletter sign up
  • Rate Our Service Form
  • Social Media Links including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and RSS feed
  • Blog
  • A variety of menus to feature every aspect of the Harrell business

Remember, all these features are easy for Harrell to update so their site is always current. No need to hunt for a web designer to update a property, load a new image or add new pricing.

Visit this new website and suggest to friends who are looking for residential or commercial properties for sale or rent in the central Texas area. Make the Harrell Group Real Estate Services site your first and last stop when you need to find a commercial or residential property to suit your needs.

Visit Harrell Group Real Estate Services

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Newest Website Release: Insurance for Living

Chris Raup, a trusted, experienced insurance professional in the central Texas area has chosen a new LittleWebMonkey package to represent his business.

i4lportThis CMS (content management system) website makes changing images, editing articles and adding new information a snap. Like all of our sites, you can update information waiting for your web designer. They are also the best option to get your business online fast.

This 5 page Joomla site includes a variety of images and information, an easy to use Blog, as well as Social Media including Facebook and Twitter. With a LittleWebMonkey site it is easy to keep your customers informed. The Contact Page insures that new Customers can reach you immediately.

Visit Insurance for Living and follow their blog to learn more about planning for a secure future.

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Visit the New Centex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The Centex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has a new website that communicates their mission, showcases their events and promotes their supporters.

centexnew_smallWith this new Joomla content management system site, they are able to update their events, images, advertisers and member directory themselves, with a little simple, online training.

This site includes:

  • A calendar featuring a variety of categories as well as a public view and private administrator view.
  • Database for advertisers with banner advertising that is easily changed
  • Database of members
  • Photo gallery of their popular community events
  • Front page slide show featuring the work of Jose Villareal, a successful San Antonio artist
  • Social Media Toolbar
  • Embedded Video featuring Noticias
  • Testimonial Database
  • Custom Online Forms for Membership, Membership Renewal and Event Hall Reservation
  • Additional databases to include a Job Board and Local Resources
  • Blog and RSS Feed
  • Easy to find Newsletter Sign Up

Visit this new site today and learn how Centex Hispanic Chamber not only benefits the community, but how membership can benefit your organization or business.

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New York Gold Party, LLC gets a new LittleWebMonkey Site...Let the Fun Begin!

Have you ever been to a gold party? Do you know what a gold party is? Well, New York Gold Party, LLC has just launched a LittleWebMonkey Site to promote this unique, new business.

nygssThis budding new business, located in New York city, organizes Gold Parties, where people can bring their old, unwanted gold and exchange it for cash! Their new 5 page Joomla website includes, Social Media, easy to use blog, Twitter integration to keep people informed. The contact page offers the opportunnity to gain more information or to request a party. Best of all, this site is designed so it is easy for the client to update or change.

Check out this new site:

Learn more about our LittleWebMonkey sites or our new Site Packages:

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Shopping Horsefeathers of Salado is Easy with this New eCommerce Site

From Waco, it is a short, pleasant drive to the small town of Salado, the perfect place to shop for unique things for your home. Now, it is even easier to choose fine home furnishings and accessories online at Horsefeathers of Salado.

Horsefeathers, well know as "the" place to shop in Salado for one of a kind accents for the home, now offers a wide variety of fine accessories online. From candle holders to clocks....Horsefeathers of Salado has something special for your home and now you don't have to plan a short trip to get there! This beautiful, custom designed website puts the emphasis on the fine products that Horsefeathers offers.

This new eCommerce site includes:

  • CMS (content management system) easy to manage and update
  • Tienda eCommerce system
  • Easy to manage product catalog
  • Image gallery for every product
  • Inventory system
  • View and manage orders easily
  • Full line of reports including orders, inventory and financial
  • Secure payment options
  • Supports coupons or promo codes
  • Custom design
  • Slide show with "Ken Burns Effect"
  • Create Sales or Featured Items
  • Social Media including Facebook, Twitter

Shopping is easy....and fun. Visit Horsefeathers of Salado today.

Old Site New Site

oldhf - copyhfport

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For McAnally CPA, April is Not Just About Taxes Anymore!

For McAnally, CPA, April does not just spell tax time. It also means the launch of a new website for this Central Texas business.

This new site makes it easy to learn more about John McAnally and the services his office offers.

This new 5 page LittleWebMonkey Site includes:

  • Easy to manage Joomla! CMS (content management system)
  • Contact Page (includes anti spam protection)
  • Integrated Blog
  • Testimonial Database

Visit McAnally today and see what financial services they offer. Subscribe to their blog for helpful tax and financial tips. If you need a good CPA, just fill out the contact form on the website. We aren't just their webdesigners...we are their clients. We recommend McAnally for financial assistance anytime, but we find them especially helpful this time of year.

Learn more:


Old McAnally CPA New McAnally CPA



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