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Newest Website: Kleen Air Filter Sales and Service

Kleen-Air, located in Groesbeck, TX offers a full line of HVAC filtration products. They manufacture standard and custom made air filters for both residential, commercial and industrial applications.   They have added a new website, just in time for 2011.

kleenportKleen Air Filter Sales and Service, an expanded  LittleWebMonkey Site includes:

  • Logo
  • 5 pages with a variety of images
  • Easy to use Contact Page
  • Integrated Blog
  • Social Media ( they chose Twitter, Facebook and an RSS feed)
  • Online employment information and employment application

And as with all our sites, Kleen Air Filter Sales and Service can update content and change images so their site is always fresh and relevant.

The home office is still in the small rural town of Groesbeck, but company facilities have dramatically changed. There is now more than 22,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse, and office space. Also, Kleen-Air has added a service and warehouse facility in Houston, Texas.

Visit and see all that this Texas based company has to offer.

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YellowWebMonkey Launches Online Store....Just in Time for the Holidays

Our new Online Store at YellowWebMonkey is open just in time for the holidays.  It includes information about our web design services and a whole lot more.

 Let us create a Social Media package to suite your needs. We now offer services that include setting up your social-media2Facebook and Twitter pages, building a GEO package for your business, or creating a QR code and easy to use mobile site. If the ever changing Social Media scene leaves you overwhelmed, let us build a Social Media marketing plan to meet the needs of your business.
Of course we offer our premium web design services and our new LittleWebMonkey sites...perfect for a small start up business.  We have also added Support Credits for our clients, making it easy to purchase additional support online.   
Whether you are a client or a future client of YellowWebMonkey Web Design, visit our online store now and treat yourself to something new this holiday season.

Social Media Packages:

Web Design Services:

LittleWebMonkey Sites (includes your blog, update yourself, quick turnaround time)        macbook
Websites with a variety of features and easy to update

  • Slide shows and photo galleries
  • Events calendar
  • Variety of forms
  • Blog
  • Social Media Integration
  • TiendaeCommerce Shopping Cart (watch for our Tienda Blog!)
  • Testimonials
  • Easy to access document storageipower
  • Video integration
  • and much more...

Website Updates and Services                

Support Credits

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YellowWebMonkey Introduces LittleWebMonkey Sites

YellowWebMonkey Web Design has just turned one year old. We would love to take the time to celebrate, but quite frankly we are too busy building websites. As a team we have taken some time to reflect over the past year and assess what we have learned about starting a business. We understand how important it is for a small business to have a professional web presence to reach their customers. We also recognize the challenge for small startup companies with limited capital in today's economy.

home   basic business site2With this in mind, YWM is releasing our LittleWebMonkey site, a professional and affordable way for small business to reach their customers through the web. LittleWebMonkey sites was designed to give the "little guy" the opportunity to access web marketing quickly and affordably, giving him a competitive advantage. Each LittleWebMonkey site is a professional, 5 page website offering 2 templates, 32 color choices, that will include your logo, your content and your images. These sites also offer Social Media links, a Blog page, as well as a Contact page to efficiently connect you with your customers. Best of all your ideas can become a reality on the web within two weeks of submitting all website information. Although these sites are limited in design and scope, as a YWM client you can credit a portion of the cost of a LittleWebMonkey site to the cost of a full featured CMS site, when you are ready to take the next step in web marketing. There is no need to lose valuable capital by purchasing a small site now and then investing in a more extensive site later.


Our LittleWebMonkey Site, allow you to choose how to best manage your valuable dollars today while planning on investing in your future.

Check it out:

Fill out our contact form and start building your site today.

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LittleWebMonkey Site: Holtek Fireplace and Solar

Holtek Fireplace and Solar, a creative Waco based company just launched a new website this week.  Holtek, a company that works with hearths and solar products, helps customers create the look and functionality they want within their budget.  Now, they have a new website to showcase the products and services they offer.


This LittleWebMonkey Site includes:

5 pages that incorporate Holtek's info and images
A convenient contact page for clients
Easy to update blog page so Holtek can share their expertise

This CMS (content management system) site is easy for the people at Holtek to update, so they always offer current information on products and services.

Visit them at

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The Bug Doctor is In...the GGA Bug Doctor, That Is!

  ggaportYellowWebMonkey Web Design team launched a new website for Waco based GGA Pest Control services in October.    Fred Huffman, owner, brings more than 20 years of experience to his local business as well as an MS in Entomology from Texas A& M and a PhD from the University of Arkansas....hence The Bug Doctor! GGA's new, easy to navigate website will make it easy to see just what they have to offer

This site includes:

  • Easy to use interface, making it easy to navigate
  • Testimonial Database
  • Integrated Social Media making it easy to follow GGA on Facebook and Twitter
  • RSS feed offering updates on what is new at GGA
  • Extensive Pest Image Gallery
  • Video


Vist this new site:

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Mike Staas Services is Plumb Cool

Mike Staas Services is "plumb cool" and now they have a "cool" new website to match.  The company offers commercial and residential plumbing and HVAC services in the central Texas area.  The website includes information on the services Mike Staas offers and reflects the image  of a trusted family owned business.



The new site went live in September and includes several features that make it easy for customers to navigate as well as some "cool" extras.

  • Easy to use interface that makes it simple to learn what services they offer
  • Integrated Social Media with icons making it easy to connect along with a live Twitter feed
  • Browse "Ask Mike"  by category
  • "Ask Mike" also includes a feature to rate the best response
  • Easy to manage Video feature making it easy to showcase a recent commercial
  • Testimonial database
  • Features "Best of Waco" listing
  • Includes RSS feed so visitors can gain information and updates on Mike Staas Services

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New Look for BugsDotCom


 YellowWebMonkey just launched a new website for BugsDotCom, a Waco based pest control company that services all of central Texas.  The challenge was to create a website that was not just eye catching, but also interesting,educational and of course, easy for people to find.    The site contains all the information you would expect, plus a few extras.  It has an extensive library of all the products BugsDotCom uses stored in a nifty little file cabinet.  Another fun feature is the Bugapedia, where you can easily identify insects common to the central Texas area.  Did you know "Flies taste with their feet?" Probably not, but check out the Fun Facts that appear throughout the site to learn more about the insects common to Texas. This site includes:

  • Easy to use interface making it easy to schedule an appointment or learn what services they offer
  • Pest Gallery so clients can easily identify pests common to central Texas
  • Integrated with Social Media with large icons making it easy to connect along with a live Twitter feed
  • Downloadable MSDS label base for all of their products
  • Testimonial database
  • Features "Best of Waco"

Visit this new site

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YellowWebMonkey is launching Non-Profits on the Net

YellowWebMonkey Web Design is launching a new contest "Non-Profits on the Net" offering eligible organizations the opportunity to win a free website.

This fall a central Texas non-profit will win a FREE website designed by YellowWebMonkey Web Design team.  We need your help to find the lucky organization.

Business owners understand the importance of a professional website in today's market.  More and more consumers are searching for information or purchasing goods and services via the web.  Even the smallest business includes the cost of an effective website in their business plan.  Consider those businesses that don't have the capital or cash surplus to invest in a shiny new website.  Non-profits represent viable business that utilize donated funds to serve members of the local community. The heart of a non-profit is serving others, so often there aren't resources available to market their cause effectively.  This is where the YellowWebMonkey Web Design team steps in.

We build effective, professional website for businesses in central Texas and across the U.S.  Our goal is to share the same expertise we offer to clients to eligible non-profit organizations in central Texas at no cost.  We are launching "Non-Profits on the Net" a contest offering non-profits in central Texas the opportunity to win a free website.  Our goal is to give away one website per quarter to an eligible non-profit serving the citizens of central Texas.  We are excited about partnering with a local organization to create just the right web presence for their cause. On July 26, 2010 we will begin taking nominations for for organizations in the area.  Each non-profit will be required to complete an application and submit proof of 501c3 status.  Once the nominations are in, the YellowWebMonkey Web Design team will choose six applicants and submit them for online voting.  Supporters will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite organization via the YellowWebMonkey website.  Once the online votes are tallied, the winning organization will partner with the YellowWebMonkey team to create their website.  The actual value of the website is $5000, so don't miss this opportunity to nominate your favorite organization.

Here is the Process:

  • Nominate a Charity
  • Help Spread the Word
  • Vote for Them
  • They Get a Free Website!


Follow this link to read the Contest Rules and How it Works.

Download Application


YouTube Tutorial

This is a step by step tutorial on setting up a new YouTube account, adjusting your profile and personal settings, uploading a video, and linking your YouTube Account with Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and Orkut.

Go to the YouTube's home page.

Click Create Account in the upper right corner of the page.

Fill out the Registration for New Account form and click I Accept at the bottom of the form to continue to the YouTube | Google Account Page.

YouTube Sign-Up
If you already have a Google Account sign into your Google Account on the left
If Not, you can create a YouTube | Google Account on the right side using your current email address and the password
you want to use for your YouTube Account.

YouTube | Google Account Sync

After you've been successfully registered you may have a suggestion list below, this is a list of people whom you may know

that also have a YouTube account. You may click Subscribe to their channel and get automatic updates on new videos and more.

There are three options on the right under "Get started using YouTube"


1. Customize your channel Page. ( Image Below )

Here you can:

* Update your profile
* Manage your videos
* Manage people subscribed to your channel (as well as the channels you are subscribed to) * Manage friends
* Post Channel Comments
* View Recent Activity

The Top Menu allows you to change your channels settings, themes, modules, and Videos and playlist for your Channel Page.
( For the sake of time we will not go over that in this tutorial, but I recommend checking it out!)


2. Upload and share your video. ( Image Below )

This is where you upload all of your videos. Click Browse and navigate to the video on your computer that you wish to upload to YouTube. Fill out the form with all the information associated with the video then click Save Changes.

Once your video is uploaded you will be provided with a
URL (the address where you can find your video) and an
Embed (the HTML Code to embed your video on your blog or website).

This will appear below the form.

3. The third and final option is to set up your Account Preferences. ( Image Below )

You want to make sure to go through each item in the Top Menu and the Left Menu to set up your account exactly how you want it. This is the whole overview of your account.

The one thing that you really want to look at is the Activity Sharing; here you can link your Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and Orkut accounts to automatically update when you upload a new video. To Link Your Social Media Accounts just Click Connect Accounts next to the accounts you wish to link with YouTube. This will provide a link or embedded video on the Shared Accounts of your video and your channel.

Now that your done with all of your settings you can start subscribing to other people's channels and making friends on YouTube. You can Search for Your Video from the Home Page of YouTube by entering the name of your video, one of the Tags that you entered on the Video Information Page, or by your Username. ( UserName finds them faster, your videos could be a ways down the result list if shearched by title or tag. )

I hope this tutorial has helped you in setting up your YouTube Account and Uploading your videos, Subscribe to our blog and recieve new tutorials similar to this one every week.

and don't forget to Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Finding the Ford Fiesta

When the local Ford dealership organized a scavenger hunt to introduce the Ford Fiesta to the Waco market, the YellowWebMonkey Web Design team eagerly signed up.  Scavenger hunts are fun, there was a monetary incentive and it was a great opportunity to spend the afternoon in the Monkey Mobile.  We spent Sunday afternoon cruising around Waco gathering clues.  During the hunt the participants had the opportunity to munch nachos, canoe across the Brazos, snap a quick pick of the Sumatran tiger at Cameron Park Zoo, take a leisurely ride on the train at Lion's Park and delve into the history of Joy and Lady the resident mascots at the Baylor Bear Pit.  Eventually, we even found the Ford Fiesta.

The Fiesta seats four comfortably and is equipped with the Microsoft Sync System for on board navigation and hands free phone service.Although we admired the sporty little Ford, we were much more comfortable in our bright yellow car wrapped in colorful monkeys, Twitter badges and even the American flag.  The Monkey Mobile seats five people with Smartphones or four members of the team armed with three Netbooks, one IPad, four Smartphones and our mobile 4G network.  Our team was prepared for anything.

Even though we didn't win, we had plenty of fun, got lots of exercise and ended the afternoon sharing snow cones with all the competitors.  Thanks to Bird Kultgen Ford for organizing the hunt and congratulations to the winners, The Baylor Driving Club.

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Creating a Facebook Fan Page: Step by Step

1. Go to



2. Select your type of business under LOCAL dropdown.




3. Type the title of your business.


4. Click the checkbox next to "Do not make page visible at this time."


5. Hit the CREATE Page button.



6. Your new page is created.


7. BECOME A FAN of your page (** Very Important)


8. Move your mouse over the pic question mark.  Click on the CHANGE PICTURE that pops up. Choose UPLOAD PICTURE.


9. Select picture from your computer and hit OK.


10. Click on the line "Write something about..." Add a quick note (website, phone number, slogan)



11. Click on the INFO Tab.




13. Fill in the form blocks.  Click SAVE CHANGES.


14. Click on DETAILED INFO.


15. Fill in the form blocks.  Click SAVE CHANGES.


16. Click on DONE EDITING.




18. To get your Facebook ID for your business page, look at the address bar and copy the number.  You may need to give this number to your web designer.  Make sure you bookmark your page to make it easier to return to.



19. If this tutorial has been helpful, please click on the link and become a fan of YellowWebMonkey Web Design.




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Weird Ways to Improve Traffic to Your Website

Just about every website owner wants to get more traffic to their site. You might hire a SEO company to “optimize” your site or you might spend money on advertising, whether its pay-per-click (PPC) or other mediums. Like many others, I routinely look at my Google Analytics to see how these things affect my traffic, hoping for that upward trend line that lets me feel like my website is doing something for my business (umm, especially since my business is web design).

A little while back I saw this huge spike in traffic. From one day to the next, my traffic went up 500% and sustained at that level for two weeks. What was it that brought all these glorious new people to the land of YellowWebMonkey Web Design? It was a CraigsList ad I had posted, looking to hire some part-time data entry help to finish a backlog of projects.

Traffic Increase

That peak got me thinking, “what are some other EASY and FREE ways to get more traffic to my site?” Doing some more research, here is what I came up with:


It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the economy is slow and a lot of people are looking for work. That is a large population that are actively searching numerous sites looking to learn more about businesses that are hiring. If you have openings, that makes it easy. Some free places to post job listings are:

  • Misc Job Boards (search “free job listings ”)
  • College and Alumni Boards
  • Local Newspaper website
  • Professional Association pages
  • State commissions (such as Texas Workforce)

Even if you are not looking to snatch up another full or part-time employee, you might have “gigs” that you would pay money for.


Some gigs you might be able to post are:

  • Office Cleaning
  • Shredding
  • Handing out flyers or other promotions
  • Handyman work
  • Copywriting for newsletters/blogs
  • Translating in Spanish


Now, polls and contests are not really a new idea for attracting people. However, here is a new spin on it. When I was working on Austin Music City's website, I looked at the page views for their different articles. Most band reviews and announcements had about 300-500 page views. However, their monthly monthly band poll for the best new song had around 70,000 page views. That’s quite a difference. That is because that page gave other people a reason to promote the page for Austin Music City. You may not know a status update from a re-tweet, but your goal is to that audience that lives on Facebook and Twitter to do it all that work for you. Come up with some type of contest, relevant to your business and let the “contenders” market your site for you. Come up with a topic, have a time period when people submit to win (preferably with a note that lets you know how much they want to win which correlates with how hard they will market), choose finalists, and let them do the work. Here are some ideas:

  • Lawn Care: Best Lawn or Best Christmas Lights
  • Promotional Items: Funniest/Weirdest Logo
  • Contracting Company: Best DUCT tape fix
  • Car Wash: Dirtiest Car

(Send other good ideas in the comments of this blog)



Almost every business has done business with another service-related business. Reward those that have provided quality services with a testimonial from your business. Just ask that when they put it on their website or print it, that they include the link to your website. Especially in the case of web/graphic design, because any of their potential customers will click that link to evaluate that company’s work on your site.


Content is King. If your website only has a paragraph saying how great your business is and your contact information, it is going to be much harder to get hits from search engine results. Not to mention, you give visitors no reason to go back to your website more than once. If you haven’t already spent the time to write out a description of your target client, then you should take five minutes right now. Once you have that, think about what type of information those people might be searching for.


By providing that information, you are doing several things:

  1. bringing ideal customers to your website
  2. establishing yourself as a Subject Matter Expert
  3. by assisting them you are suggesting you care about helping customers

Here are some ideas:

Business Audience References
Roofing Company Homeowners - List of local home inspectors
- How to file an insurance claim
- What you should know before putting up Christmas lights
Motorcycle Dealer Motorcycle Riders - Maps of good local routes
- Calendar of rallies/events
Fancy Restaurant - People going out for a special occasion
- People who appreciate good food
- How to make your Valentines/Anniversary special
- New and Notable Wines you Haven’t Heard of


(Send other good ideas in the comments of this blog)


What will motivate people even more than trying to win something? Trying to help a good cause. (ok, ok, it will motivate some people more). How many times have you gotten an email asking to you help find a missing child, help raise money for a good charity, or donate items. You can use your website to provide an easy way to help a good cause.

If you have an employee that is competing in an event to raise money, add an article highlighting what they are doing with a link to sponsor them for a certain amount. You might also consider some incentive like matching funds or saying if they can raise $2000 (or whatever), then your company will donate an additional amount. That will encourage others to forward the link out to get more people to come to your page.

If there is a cause that is encouraging people to write their congressman, etc (and is not a topic that some potential clients would not support), you can add an automated form to your site to make it easier for people to submit their comments. A good example of this would be the expansion of I-35 through Central Texas. Most people are very supportive of getting more funds from the TX Dept of Transportation to help the area grow. A local organization called 1000 Friends of Waco have a page about this issue with a link to make comments to TXDOT. If you add something similar or an actual form for comments, you will get others actively marketing your site to others.

Another idea is to collect items for a cause. On your website you can provide information about the cause and the specifics of what is needed. Some examples might be:

  • Clothes donations for a family whose home burned down
  • Canned goods for a food drive
  • Toys for Tots

You will get the extra traffic from people looking for information and can add a good-news story after you turn in the donations. This is an especially good idea if you have a business where you would benefit by getting more people to walk in the front door.

All of these causes help get more traffic to your site as well as help your reputation as a business that contributes to the local community.


If you think these ideas sound good, but you have no idea how to implement them; consider using a web developer as a consultant to figure out how to make your website work better for you. You can find ones that will help you develop a plan, help train your employees, or build a package to provide those services for you. Many companies like ours will write eNewsletters, blog entries, setup contests, and maintain social networking accounts for our clients for a monthly fee. Most fees are less than most companies spend on YellowPages advertisements and lets be honest, the phonebook is disappearing about as quickly as phone booths are. The good news though, is that the majority of people that used to use them, are now walking around with their own cell phone that they could look at your website on; if you give them a reason to.

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Why Greeks Should Rush the Internet

ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON…you know the rest. The Greek alphabet has taken on a whole new meaning on campuses across the States and beyond. And YellowWebMonkey wants to know why most Grecian chapters haven’t expanded their reach to the Internet. As students, the Internet is one of our primary tools of communication. We e-mail our teachers with excuses, we check grades through Blackboard, we socialize through Facebook, we Google at the first hint of ignorance…so when are Greeks going online? Some good reasons:

Putting on a good face.

Effective chapters of Greek organizations are all about business whether they are social or professional. Events, meetings, and internal organization must be run with efficiency. When things are running smoothly, it is that much easier to get to the fun. When potential recruits or campus officials or employers Google a fraternity or sorority to check what they are all about, your chapter should be represented; especially local Greeks that do not have an umbrella national website. Here’s your chance to post all of the “good” pictures, list recent projects, and give information about current members and officers in a controlled space, i.e. not Facebook.

“I didn’t check my email/get the text”.

Getting the word out last minute can be a hassle. What would you do if you could send mass text messages to an entire list of phone numbers…one list for members, one list for recruits, one list for alumni? What about sending internal e-mails through the site? Message boards and calendars, anyone? With a website the customization possibilities are huge. Get what your organization needs and then add a few extras that are just plain cool.

Paying up.

Everyone’s got to collect them. Why not cut those chapter meetings short a bit by collecting them online? Got fines? An email notification system complemented by a website that keeps track of payments. Make the treasurer’s job a little easier and life simpler for members. The same system can be used to receive donations from alumni! The website could serve as an easy way to keep in contact and allow them to support particular projects or add to the general fund.

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Austin Music City Cranks it up a Notch

Keeping track of the hundreds of performers, gigs, and full-blown concerts that occur every month in the weird live music capital of the world is a difficult task. Austin Music City does even better; it tracks the best few out of the hundreds.

With CD reviews and blog entries and YouTube videos culled from the masses, Austin Music City keeps lovers of live music up to date on the new and eclectic.

A site with so much content needs a dynamic display to reflect the creative bent of the service it offers. Yellow Web Monkey recently set out to create just that. The new was unveiled with newsflashes that jumped off the screen with reader-grabbing headlines and links to full articles. The RSS feed summarizes the latest AMC articles that complement the bold slideshows Yellow Web Monkey added. One of the most useful new features is the interactive calendar that gives locals a quick update on the where and who and visitors a rundown of where they should be.

As Greg Roberts can testify, the results are tangible. See Greg's testimonial about his experience with YellowWebMonkey.

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Custom Site for Fast Lane Customs

YellowWebMonkey recently launched the newly renovated website for Fast Lane Customs. Fast Lane Customs is a local metal fabrication business that creates a wide range of commercial and residential products. The work of Fast Lane ranges from famous signs around Waco to the classic railings and artistic in locals’ homes.

YellowWebMonkey has taken what once was a simple Flash website and created a tool for generating business. The site, once hidden in endless pages of results, is more easily called up by search engines. Once consumers reach the site, its internal search makes it easier for them to locate pertinent information. The integrated twitter feed places the artists behind Fast Lane in constant contact with their clientele and potential customer base. The once simple portfolio of work has become a digital album of project highlights with captions and direct links to more information. Fast Lane Customs now has a website that can fully reflect the beautiful art they create and connect them with the consumers of taste that demand excellence.

YellowWebMonkey is based in Hewitt, TX and prides itself on staying on the cutting edge of cyberspace in order to keep visitors coming back for more. Their websites feature content management systems that allow businesses to make changes themselves instead of coming out of pocket for every update.

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