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The Importance of Branding for Small Businesses

Is your small business leaving a lasting impression with your customers?


Developing a brand identity for any small business is not a quick fix. It is however a stepping-stone to establishing the look and credibility of your business. The only way to use this investment is to create it, and implement it. Creating your new brand and your new website will only work as far as it’s visible to your desired clients. Therefore, marketing efforts have to be implemented consistently (consistency is more important than the marketing budget).

You’ve probably heard the term Brand Equity but wonder what it is exactly? Simply put, it is the emotional value that a customer or potential customer sees in your product and business. It’s why YOU as a consumer may “trust” a company more than others. This brand equity can add significant VALUE when it is well recognized and has positive associations in the mind of a consumer. Its how some businesses charge more, and get away with it.

Think of a company such as Apple. They essentially sell computers - yet the average price for an Apple computer is twice as much as a PC. Is it because they have a better product? That could possibly be one of the reasons, but does that justify paying twice as much for a computer? It is because they have established a brand equity that consumers trust regardless of the product they are selling. Brand Equity does have a financial bearing on what you can charge. Do you want to be viewed as the company with the top product or service? or as the company that has bottom barrel prices? Each is a respectable place to be, it’s a matter of where you want to position YOUR company or product.

Like I ask many small business owners how much is a customer worth to you? If re-developing your brand identity, and website brings in an additional ten sales a month - what value can you put on each of those clients? What is the value of one sale?

Making sure that you are sending the right message initially to your potential customers, that your website is easy to use, that your message and what you’re selling is clear the first time around, is of vital importance to the success and growth of your business. If your company can recognize this importance, it’s clear you are moving in the right direction.

When developing a new identity, it is important to decipher the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Also who are your competitors, who are your customers, and what is your best chance of gaining these customers? All of these are things that need to be answered before we begin to develop the visual elements of your brand. Essentially, the visual elements (logos, business cards, advertisements, etc...) are all there to communicate the message of who and what your company is. We have to find out the answer to this before we begin. And this is where I can help.

CONSISTENCE IS KEY IN BRAND AND MARKETING. People trust what they see most. If they see you reaching out to them via social networking, email campaigns, website presence or print ad campaign directed at your target customer - and they see that presence continuously, this WILL give your company credibility (as long as you have a credible product or service that people need).

Having the opportunity to bring a comprehensive group of design products and fuse them with a company such as YellowWebMonkey is a great opportunity. I’m looking forward to continuing to bring a level of design, professionalism, and creative services to the Central Texas area. I couldn’t have asked to work for a better group of professionals that truly know their business inside and out, and work to bring the highest amount of quality work to current and future clients.

Please check out our new graphic design products in our store here

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Register Your Domain/Hosting

One of the BIGGEST mistakes people make in a website, is not registering the domain name and the hosting in their name. The domain name is the address for your site, for example, The hosting is the server space where the website files are kept, kind of like your rental space on the web.

If a webpage developer tells you not to worry about it, they will register it through their company, then RUN! Here is a good metaphor. Think of it like someone coming to bid on a job to repair your vehicle. And they tell you "No Problem!! Just sign over the pink slip for the car over to me and I will get started." When someone is building a webpage for you, give the username/password, much like you would had a valet the keys. But that way if they default, you have legal recourse to call your hosting company and have it reset for you.

Here are some tips for getting a domain name:

- Stick with a ".com" or ".org" Having odd extensions like ".net", ".biz", or ".us" can hurt your search engine ranking. Plus people naturally assume ".com" so you will just be get the guy that has the ".com" more traffic.

- Be Memorable and Short. A good example would be that "The Spa at Canyon Oaks" in Crawford is just ""

- People CANNOT Spell. If you are a licensed entomologist, I suggest you stick with pest control or something with bugs.

- Be careful of acroynms. An example is "The Advocacy Center of Central Texas" which is If you say that aloud, people will think "center" or "ctr" before they type in "cntr"

- Especially don't use acronyms that make words! If you are in the "Heart of Texas," PLEASE do not put HOT in your domain name. Trust me, you will end up in search results you do not want to be in.


Tips for getting hosting:

- Stick with the bigger companies unless you are getting personal attention from someone local. Many businesses are just resellers of the big companies, so you will just pay more. That is okay if that local person is going to manage the account and provide tech support, but make sure that is part of the agreement.

- If you are just getting the hosting, you should not pay more than $10/month. Some companies that provide good plans are iPower Hosting,GoDaddy, Host Gator, and Rochen.

- You do NOT need all the add-ons they try to sell you. You can always add those on after the fact if you change your mind. The only one I would suggest is domain privacy if you are using your home address to register the name.

- Just sign up for one year. Although you get a discount for multi-year plans, start with one year and see how the customer service is and how your website performance is. I can't prove it, but I think you get better service when they know you are not locked in for five years regardless of how they treat you.

- Buyer Beware! Some companies I would recommend AGAINST are 1&1 Hosting,, FatCow hosting, and Network Solutions.


You can find this article and more in our "Websites 101: What To Know Before Hiring a Web Designer" section.

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Welcome to the new Cotton Palace

This premier bed and breakfast in Waco now has a new website. Cotton Palace, located at 1910 Austin Avenue is know for having well-appointed rooms and gracious service. This new website was designed to showcase the beauty of this historic home.

cpportThis site includes a number of features to highlight this charming 7 room bed and breakfast.

  • Easy to manage/update content management system (CMS)
  • Integrated blog
  • Online Reservation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Local attractions featuring mapping, images and links
  • Rotating Photo Gallery
  • Large photo galleries included for each room
  • Trip Advisor Ranking
  • Trip Advisor Rating
  • Randomized Testimonials
  • Contact Page

Visit this new site: The Cotton Palace

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The What's and How's of Search Engine Optimization

Wonder how you can insure that your customers find you first? Learn helpful tips for elevating your site in the search engine rankings.

googleiconOur newest webinar outlines Search Engine Optimization. What is it and what can you do to take advantage of the search engines and gain ground in the seo ranking game?

  • This webinar includes:
  • Basics of SEO
  • Basic checks for your website
  • Submitting to search engines
  • Reading analytics and other tracking reports
  • Picking Key Words


Join us

When: Thursday, May 26, 1:00pm

Where: Online

Cost: $25

Sign up here...

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Website Refresher Class (Joomla!)

Do you need a little refresher on how to manage your Joomla! website? Have you forgotten how to add links to articles? Not sure how to add that image to your site? Join us online for a quick course covering all the Joomla! basics.

This class, offered monthly will help you manage all the basic functions of your website. The class will include:

  • Adding Articles to your Website
  • Uploading Images to your Media Manager
  • Uploading PDFs to your site and linking them in an Article
  • Adding Images to an Article
  • Hiding Articles
  • Adding Internal and External Links to your Articles
  • Understanding EasyBlog
  • Adding Testimonials
  • Working with JEvents Calendar

This class is an ideal way to train new employees how to manage your site or just to help you manage your site more effectively.
Sign up online. This class is free for clients of YellowWebMonkey.
Next Class; Tuesday, May 24, 2:00pm
Need an evening class? Email and we will set one up.

Sign Up Here

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Webinar-The New Facebook Page

Learn how the new Facebook page can work for your business or organization. Join us for a webinar highlighting the many positive changes to Facebook.

facebook-128Topics will include:

  • Upgrading your Facebook page (all pages will be upgraded in March 2011)
  • Getting the most from the new page features
  • Utilizing the different "user" roles on Facebook
  • Best practices for creating interaction with your fanbase
  • Increasing your fanbase
  • Facebook Applications that benefit you
  • Custom Tabs (FBML)

This webinar is offered during business hours

Thursday, March 10 at 2:00pm

Cost: $25

Sign Up Here!

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A New Website for The Advocacy Center, Winner of our Non-Profits on the Net Contest

Last fall we launched our Non-Profits on the Net contest to find a central Texas organization that would benefit from a new website. The Advocacy Center, a non-profit serving children and adult victims of violent crime and abuse were awarded the new site.

advportThe Advocacy Center is constantly searching for new and better ways to serve our community, and with this new website they will be introducing their newest program covering preventative education. This new program combined with the three original programs CASA, The Victims Center and The Children's Advocacy Center, makes this a comprehensive center for victims of violent crime and abuse in our area.

As with all of the sites we design, The Advocacy Center site will be easy for the staff to manage and update, allowing them to keep their site current and relevant.



This new website includes:

  • Extensive information on all four Advocacy Programs
  • A blog giving each program the opportunity to share
  • Integrated social media for each program
  • Video Presentation
  • Donate Now button to give supporters the opportunity to donate conveniently online
  • Secure online payments through PayPal
  • Advertise With Us Module so local business can advertise and support the center
  • Bilingual Section
  • Events Calendar
  • Easy to Update Quick Facts Section
  • Online Applications and Online printable brochure
  • Secure online contact form

Visit this new site and learn how Advocacy makes a difference in our community and considering supporting them in their mission. It has been a privilege to work with this wonderful local organization.

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Central Texas Proud-A New Website for CTBA

Barbecue is serious business in Texas and the Central Texas Barbecue Association has a new website to showcase their organization and upcoming events throughout the area.


Central Texas Barbecue Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting barbecue: barbecue cooking, barbecue Cook Offs, barbecue eating...well, all things barbecue and they believe in having fun while doing it. This new website showcases information about their organization, membership, judging, upcoming events and photos of past competitions.

This LittleWebMonkey site includes:

  • Easy to update articles and images
  • Photo Gallery
  • Convenient Contact Page
  • Integrated Social Media
  • Blog

As with all of our sites, this site was designed so the client can easily make changes and updates, always keeping the site current.

Check out Central Texas Barbecue Association....Central Texas Proud

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YellowWebMonkey Web Design Creates a Canvas for 555 Collective

" the 555 Collective is a nonprofit arts organization that gives scholarships and grants to victims of violent crime. in this process we might suggest that art reclaims the soul"

All artists need a canvas, and 555 Collective has one.

555port This new organization in Waco features upcoming artists, musicians and writers on this creative new website. With this content management site, the owner can create and re-create the 555 Collective daily. Our easy to update LittleWebMonkey site is an ideal way to exhibit your more creative side.

This 5 page LittleWebMonkey site includes integrated social media, contact page, donate button option as well as an RSS feed.

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LoneStar Windshield and Glass Chooses a LittleWebMonkey Site

Lonestar Windshield and Glass, of Hewitt is your one stop shop for all glass repair and replacement needs! Their new, LittleWebMonkey site outlines the experience and service this local company has to offer.

lswportTheir new, 5 page site opens with a Get a Quote form, making it easy for potential customers to contact and learn more. The integrated blog makes it easy for the owner to share his expertise in glass repair and replacement and the contact page and integrated Social Media make it easy to stay in touch. As always, this CMS site is easy for the owner to update and keep current. Visit Lonestar Windshield and Glass and learn more about this local business.

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Verde Renovations, the New Choice for Home Insulation in Central Texas

Verde Renovations has a new website to introduce their new home insulation business in central Texas.

verdeportHomesulateTM a fire retardent foam, offers not just increased energy savings, but also excellent sound proofing for your home or business. The owners, Josh and Rob, bring their extensive experience from their successful construction business, JoCo Builders, to this new venture. Any new business needs a new website, and Verde Renovations has chosen a LittleWebMonkey Site by YellowWebMonkey Web Design.  This 5 page site includes  a blog to showcase Verde's expertise in the insulation market and an easy to use contact form for potential customers.  Look for the FAQ's about HomesulateTM as well as a video to show the benefits of this environmentally friendly insulationn system.  This CMS site is designed so the owner can manage and update the site easily.
Visit Verde Renovations and learn more about insulation and see our newest LittleWebMonkey Site.

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Paul J. Meyer Resources Launches a New Website

Paul J. Meyer Resources, based in Waco, TX has just launched a new eCommerce site offering a variety of products for goal setting, self-motivation and paving the way to personal success

pjmport This site, designed by YellowWebMonkey, iincludes a slideshow featuring photographs as well as some of Paul J. Meyer's most famous quotes. The easy to use shopping cart has in depth descriptions of books, CDs, DVDs, as well as Audio downloads. The shopping cart has easy to use, secure check out. The site also includes contact form, newsletter sign up and Tell a Friend. All of our CMS websites, even eCommerce sites are designed to be managed and updated easily by our clients. Visit today and learn about Paul J.Meyer, his life and work.

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Australian Company, Vengeance Streetwear gets a new look from YellowWebMonkey

Vengeance Streetwear really just wanted to make a few little changes, but eventually decided on a whole new look for their website.

vengportCreated in 2004, this Australia based company sells modern comfortable "streetwear". This eCommerce site showcases clothing and accessories for todays young urban man or woman. YellowWebMonkey added some new eCommerce features as well as a whole new look to the site. Check out the site....then check out the clothing.

"Nothing is more suitable than Vengeance-Get back at life!"

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Does Your Website Need an Oil Change in 2011?

It is a new year and time to reevaluate your website.  YellowWebMonkey Web Design has created a new maintenance plan for your website...kind of like your car, only this one keeps your website up to date and can help you reach more potential customers.

Below is a list of things we can do to make your existing website more current.

Speed Improvements

  • Amazon CDN
  • Optimize Tables
  • Cache Adjustments


  • Install website firewall (license $63)
  • Check core files, make sure none have been altered


  • SEO plugin
  • Generate new sitemap and send to Google


  • Update copyright to 2011


  • Send 2011 Analytics report
  • Send speed test report
  • Send Web Grader Report


A little extra care and maintenance can keep your website secure and up to date. Be sure this all important marketing tool is reaching potential customers effectively.   Let YellowWebMonkey Web Design give your website an Oil Change in 2011.

Contact us now.

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Verde Renovations: New Business and a New Website

Their is a new business and soon a new website in central Texas. Verde Renovations, a premium residential/commercial insulation company, will bring HomesulateTM foam insulating system to our area.

startermonkeyHomesulateTM a fire retardent foam, offers not just increased energy savings, but also excellent sound proofing for your home or business. The owners, Josh and Rob, bring their extensive experience from their successful construction business, JoCo Builders, to this new venture.

Any new business needs a new website, and Verde Renovations has chosen a LittleWebMonkey Site by YellowWebMonkey Web Design. This 5 page site includes a blog to showcase Verde's expertise in the insulation market and an easy to use contact form for potential customers. Look for the FAQ's about HomesulateTM as well as a video to show the benefits of this environmentally friendly insulationn system.

Watch for this new LittleWebMonkey site to launch soon.....

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