Ultimate Guide to Making a 3D Printer Keychain

How to 3D print a keychain

My kids are absolutely addicted to keychains.  Their backpacks probably have an extra 5 pounds of keychains dangling off them.  One of the first things we tried when we got our ToyBox 3D printer was try to make our own.  I found some designs worked and some didn’t, so here are my favorites.

For all of these, I have the original credit to the designer who made them and shared.  Most of them came from Thingiverse.  However, I am also sharing the ToyBox link to how I have adjusted them.  Many are rotated and scaled, as well as I had to add the keychain part in Tinkercad to a few.


T-Rex Keychain

I put this one first because it is a champ.  I have never had problems printing it and a bit more durable than some of the other Flexi ones.


Flexi Unicorn Keychain


Flexi Dolphin Keychain

Octopus Keychain


Marvel’s Avenger Keychain

Marvel’s Hulk Keychain

Marvel’s Ironman Keychain


Justice League’s Wonder Woman Keychain

Here are links to my saved collections on Thingiverse although some of these I haven’t printed yet:


Keychain Clasps

One of the keys to this is having good keychain clasps.  I found these on Amazon and work well for my kids because their fingers can open/close them.

100 Pcs Premium Swivel Snap Hooks with Key Rings

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