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Using the Missing Meta Tool Using the Missing Meta Tool

This one tool can save your SEO.

Enable Shopping Cart Module Enable Shopping Cart Module

In order to have your shopping cart show up.  You have to manually enable the modle and then configure. 

Additional login Additional login

We have added an additional login to your administrator login.

Manage emails in MijoShop Manage emails in MijoShop

  1. This explains how to get control of the emails that MijoShop sends you.

Add new article and menu item Add new article and menu item

This video tutorial will give the general guidelines how to create a new article and point a menu item to the single article.

Use Remove Formatting Tool in JCE Editor to Strip Formatting Use Remove Formatting Tool in JCE Editor to Strip Formatting

JCE now offers a tool that will erase formatting from content.

Add a menu item Add a menu item

This will explain how to add menu and sub menu items.

Website Article Formatting Website Article Formatting

Have you experinced your webpages not looking uniform?  This can happen when you have content that has been pasted from a non plain text program such as Microsoft Word.  This tutorial will show you the extreme differences between creating articles on your site pasting from Word as opposed to a plain text program like notepad.

Disable RSFirewall Temporarily Disable RSFirewall Temporarily

How to temporarily disable the website firewall.

Viewing Time Used for Maintenance Plans

Need to know how many minutes you have used for maintenance during your cycle? This tutorial will walk you through that process.

Setting Intro Images Setting Intro Images

Check out how to insert intro images for your articles.

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