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Monthly Website Maintenance

We essentially give you a webmaster to take care of your website for you. We monitor uptime & security, run backups, and our 50 point checklist ensures your site is secure, optimized for SEO, and fast.

  • Joomla & Extension Upgrades
  • 50 Point Maintenance Checklist
  • Support Tickets
  • Site Optimization
  • Proactive Work

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** White label services available. Contact for details.

Why YellowWebMonkey?

Unlike other companies that take your money monthly without doing anything, we complete our 50 point checklist monthly to ensure your site is running optimally for security, speed, and SEO. You get a report at the end of the month letting you know what actions were taken and the current status of your site.

Add to that an easy system to get help. No more playing "Where's Waldo?" with your web designer.

Maintenance Features

Here are some things that distinguish us from other website providers:

Project Management

Contracted work order for your plan
Portal to submit tickets and view all work past/present
Veteran Owned Business
US company (Specialists in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Virginia and Texas)
Accept all major credit cards and auto-bill for convenience

Full Team of Experts

With YellowWebMonkey you get a full team: programmers, designers, project manager, and a marketing consultant. We're also one of 17 companies in the US that is Joomla certified.

One-time Additions

Install recommended Joomla system/user tools (Backup, Cache,Editor, User Groups, Quick Links)
Setup Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools Optimize for Google
Webmaster best practices

Site Security

If your website gets hacked, we will fix it and give you a year of free maintenance. We add server security rules, two firewalls, geoblocking, automated file reviews, and daily malware scans.

System Maintenance/Performance

Automated Backups to Dropbox
Daily Malware Scans
Ensure Mobile Friendly

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize Apache server, cache, and GZip settings
Improve page speed as rated by Google PageSpeed and Pingdom
Search Engine Friendly links
Generate updated sitemap and submit to search engines


Monthly maintenance report Google Analytics with automated reports Google Webmasters with malware monitoring Summary of all contact forms


Bi-Monthly instructional webinar answering specific questions of attendees Access to over 100 online tutorials Access to over 20 video training sessions

Proactive Work

We sent our maintenance clients a monthly message with recommended features and improvements that we can add to their websites. These monthly messages will also include updates on the "under the hood" items we already do proactively, links to new tutorials on our website, and dates for upcoming training webinars.

Maintenance Plans


What upgrades are run?

Any core Joomla upgrade will be run within 72 hours of release.  We do testing of new releases on a test site first to ensure there are no bugs in them.

We also upgrade all 3rd party extensions on your site.  As part of maintenance, we install several additional tools on your site like JCE Editor, Akeeba Backup, AdminTools, JW All Videos, and the many of the NoNumbers extensions.

Every month you will receive an emailed rollup of all software on your site that has been upgraded during that month.

What kind of website backups do you run?

We run weekly backups using Akeeba Backup and store them on your server and in our company Dropbox.  We can also upload them directly to your Dropbox or Amazon S3 if you prefer.

What type of work do support tickets cover?

The tickets cover a wide range; from content updates to Joomla configuration and CSS customization. We will also fix many hosting problems. Usually you will not get outside the scope unless you want to add new functionality that requires additional software licenses, need PHP customization to the source code, or exceed your hours for the month (then we give you a choice to put on hold till the following month or just add additional hours to the current month).

How do I cancel my maintenance plan?

To cancel a plan, submit a ticket to us at requesting your plan be canceled at least 2 weeks notice prior to the . You can also switch to a different plan should that fit your needs better. At the end of your last paid month, YellowWebMonkey will no longer update any aspect of your site.

Please note that once you cancel maintenance, YellowWebMonkey may not be available to make any future changes or updates to your site. Since we prioritize maintenance clients and development projects first, we rarely take on separate freelance projects because of our project load.

Do maintenance minutes roll over?

No, minutes do not roll over from one cycle to the next; however, we have do allow for overages.If you sign up for the standard plan which has 120 minutes and you authorize overages you would be billed at the end of the cycle for any time that exceeds 120 minutes.  If you do not authorize overages your ticket would be put on hold until the next maintenance cycle when your minutes refresh.


You sign up for the standard plan which has 120 minutes and you have overages

  • Option 1  You authorize overages you would be billed at the end of the cycle for any time that exceeds 120 minutes at $75/per hour.  
  • Option 2  You DO NOT authorize overages your ticket would be closed to account for the time used that cycle.  When the next cycle starts the ticket will be reopened and we would resume where we left off.
 you authorize overages you would be billed at the end of the cycle for any time that exceeds 120 minutes.  

Will you answer my questions as part of maintenance?

The maintenance includes a 1 hour one on one Webex training session that is specifically for any questions/training you have. You may also attend the twice monthly group training sessions we do (those are open to any of our past clients and ask are informal question/answer). The calendar for the group sessions is available at  

You can send us questions at any time as tickets and we will reply and make a tutorial for you. Tickets do count against your total ticket time.

We also have an extension tutorial knowledgebase available at

Is there a commitment to a how many months of maintenance I sign up for?

Yes, we require a minimum of 3 months of maintenance.  After that our plans can be canceled by either party for any reason with a 2-week notice.

What forms of payment do you accept for maintenance?

We setup reocurring billing of all major credit cards (Mastercard, VISA, Discover, AMEX) or PayPal.  Payments are drawn on the first of every month for the upcoming month.

What SEO is part of maintenance?

All of our maintenance plans offer SEO; here are just a few

  • Add meta tags/keywords
  • Speed tests
  • Fix crawl errors 
  • Fix broken links,
  • Submit to sitemaps
  • Ensure site is mobile friendly
  • Protect against malware
  • Facebook Debuger

If you have unique SEO needs you can choose to use part of your ticket time on SEO.