Web Design CareersYellowWebMonkey is looking to add to our team!  We are hiring for one ongoing position and have several project based contracting gigs.



Website Content Manager/Office Manager

Duties and Responsibilities: 

a. Update websites with content like images, copy, events, downloads, etc.  Complete checklist tasks for website testing and maintenance.

b. Manage client accounts to include contracts, billing, and client communication.  Act as gatekeeper for other team members.

Skills Required: 

a.  Web Savvy, Ability to self teach, Troubleshooting skills

b. People Skills, Attention to Detail, Ability to take large amounts of information and condense into bullet lists, Proactive

Nice to Haves: 

a. Experience with Joomla, Zendesk, Opencart, other Content Management Systems like Wordpress, Drupal.

b. Experience with Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Merchant Account, Webex, Right Signature, Dropbox, Google Docs

Job Specifics: 

a. Currently 25-30 hours a week.  Can increase to 40 upon request.  No set hours, but some client communication must occur during business hours.

b. 100% telecommute.  Location does not matter, but prefer timezone from EST to PST.  No travel or meetings.  

Best fit: 

a. Ideal candidate is looking to stay in the position for several years rather than interim or internship.  Previous two people have stayed in job for 3+ years each.

b. Proactive individual that can self teach new tasks with little guidance

c. Organized individual that can follow checklists for some tasks and generate tutorials and documentation for new ones.

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Content Writer

Write website copy and/or blogs for client site based upon bullet point outline.  Provide some research and find supporting visual elements like stock images.


SEO Analyst

Develop keyword list for clients.  Update site titles, descriptions, and website copy.  Develop recommendations based upon Google Webmaster and Google Analytic reports


PHP Programmer

Develop new functionality for Joomla or Opencart extensions.  Build new Joomla templates using the Gantry 5 framework


Graphic Designer

Develop new client branding such as logos.  Develop website mockups and slice individual images into Dropbox.


Pay per Click (PPC) Account Manager

Setup new client campaigns on Google Adwords.  Develop wireframe for landing page for each ad group.  Monitor accounts and generate monthly client report.


YellowWebMonkey truly does have an eye for designing professional and creative websites.

John Young
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