Admin Functions

How to Submit a Ticket on ZenDesk

How to use Zendesk to request help.

Assigning Modules to Menu Items Assigning Modules to Menu Items

This tutorial will help you include/exclude modules to appear on specific pages.

Using MijoSQL Using MijoSQL

Need to query RSFirewall Logs, website contacts, etc.  Use MijoSQL.

Login to your Website Login to your Website

How to login to your website

Missing toolbar in Joomla 3.x

Clearing /cleaning your cache will get your toolbars to reappear.  

Reset your Password Reset your Password

How to reset your password on Joomla.

Set your Site to Off, or Under Maintenance

How to turn your site on or off.  It will be viewed with a login and under maintenance message.

Check 3rd Party Extensions Joomla Compatibility Check 3rd Party Extensions Joomla Compatibility

How to check Joomla extensions availability by version.

Using Banners on Joomla Using Banners on Joomla

Banners can be Got oused for advertising campaings, public statements, endorsements etc.

How to Clear Browser Cache

How to clear browser cache

Additional login Additional login

We have added an additional login to your administrator login.

Excluding Files in Akeeba Excluding Files in Akeeba

Some files can be excluded during Akeeba backups this explains how to exclude them.

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